If you want to keep your home spick and span, there are a few tools which you should have by your side. If you’re using makeshift cleaning materials to clean your home, you cannot achieve the same level of cleaning. So, it is essential to understand the cleaning gadgets which you should own. Once you take into account these cleaning gadgets, it is easier for you to clean every surface of your house efficiently. It will reduce your efforts and also improve the results.

When you’re trying to select the cleaning gadgets, you will realize that there are tons of options available. It is essential to understand the cleaning gadgets that can help you. Today, we will list down the ten cleaning gadgets which you should own.

1. Extension dusting kit:

A regular dusting kit will allow you to remove the dust from the walls and other surfaces which are easy to reach. At the same time, you need to remove dirt and contaminants from surfaces which are difficult to reach. You have to clean every nook and cranny of your home if you want to improve its aesthetic appearance. There are quite a few parts of your home which are difficult to reach like light fixtures, chandeliers, crown molding on the walls at the top. The dust extension kit will help you clean those parts quickly.

The dust extension kit consists of a handle to which you can attach the different type of brushes. The advantage of these brushes is that they have different diameters. Depending on the application, you can choose a particular brush. They are easy to clean and maintain. The low maintenance means that you will not have to worry about changing them again and again. While it might be a low-tech way of cleaning your home but it is highly efficient. That is why; you should not ignore this kit if you want to keep your home entirely clean.

2. Fast scrubber:

The fast scrubber which we are talking about is similar to an electric toothbrush. When removing the stubborn stains from your countertop, platform, it can take a lot of effort to scrape them off. It is time-consuming as well. On the other hand, when using a faster scrubber, it will relieve you of this effort. It comes along with the different heads which ensure that you can choose the brush head according to the material or the surface which you are cleaning. You can save not only time but also a lot of effort. The advantage is that you can use it on a variety of different surfaces without any issues.

Many homeowners are not aware of the availability of such a fast scrubber. The mechanical scraping action ensures that you can scrap the surface at a constant rate and remove all kind of stains without any issue. It is similar to polishing the surface. It certainly enhances the aesthetic appeal of the surface. The applications vary from stovetop to bathroom tiles. You can use it in multiple rooms of your home quite easily. That is why, if you’re tired of scrapping various surfaces to remove the stains, the faster scrubber is the perfect option for you.

3. Vacuum cleaner:

A vacuum cleaner is the most versatile gadget which you can own. It allows you to clean various surfaces of your home. Moreover, it limits your effort to clean the house. Choosing the right vacuum cleaner is crucial. If selecting a compact one, the tank capacity will be on the lower side. On the other hand, if you’re looking at the tank capacity, it will be difficult to move around. It is better to go for a canister vacuum cleaner. It has a large tank capacity, and at the same point in time, it is easy to move around.

Again, when shortlisting a canister vacuum, it is essential to choose the one according to the type of flooring which you have in your home. Many houses have hardwood flooring. That is why; it is wise to choose the best canister vacuum for hardwood floors so that you can keep your floor stain free. Most of these vacuum cleaners come with a wide variety of accessories. You can use these accessories to clean different surfaces of your home. The canister vacuum allows you to dispose of the dust and contaminants quite easily. Thus, if you’re serious about keeping your home clean, it is essential to get a vacuum cleaner right away.

4. Microwave cleaner:

When did you last clean your microwave? Chances are it was months ago. Many people do not even clean the microwave. The problem is microwave deals with various liquids and foodstuffs which you need to cook in it. That is why; it is common that it can suffer from stains. There is a limitation when you try to clean the microwave. You cannot use chemicals as you cook food in it. It is a sensitive electronic gadget which you need to maintain in perfect condition. These conditions often limit the options which you have to clean the microwave.

We will today share with you the perfect solution which you can use to clean the microwave. It is a microwave cleaner. The working mechanism includes filling the body of the microwave cleaner with vinegar, water, and lemon juice. After that, you have to select the high settings of the microwave and set the duration to 10 minutes. As the heat builds up, the mixture starts turning into steam. The steam will break down the stubborn stains and the grease on the interior of the microwave. You can remove the microwave cleaner from the microwave after the set time. All you need to do is to wipe it clean with the microfiber cloth.

It is simple in use and highly efficient which allows you to keep your microwave entirely clean irrespective of the frequency of use. The cleaner uses a home-made solution which is chemical free. The simplicity and effectiveness of this cleaner make it a winner.

5. Carpet cleaner:

A vacuum cleaner can help you in picking the dust and contaminants from the carpet. It, however, cannot provide you with the professional cleaning of the rug. That is why it is essential for you to have a dedicated carpet cleaner. If you’re outsourcing your carpet cleaning time and again, it can be an expensive proposition. When you have a dedicated carpet cleaner right in your home, you can get the same level of cleaning whenever you want.

Carpets deal with a lot of dust and contaminants. If you have pets, there can be pretty and other contaminants in the rug. If you’re using a single cleaning mechanism to clean your carpet like brushing or vacuuming, you cannot clean it efficiently. On the other hand, the carpet cleaner which we are speaking about consist of automatic spraying mechanism, brushes, suction machine. You get 3 in 1 cleaning mechanism which allows you to clean it thoroughly. The 3 in 1 arrangement makes it highly efficient. Since you will own the machine, and there will be no recurring cost. The upfront cost will help you save a significant amount of money in the longer term. If you have a carpet in your home, it is a must-have gadget.

6. Dual compartment trash can:

The amount of trash which we generate in our home is consistently going up. Whenever having a party or get-together, chances are your trash bin is overflowing. It is a disgusting sight. At the same time, it can create a mess around the trash can. The conditions can become unsanitary as well. That is why, instead of using the regular trash can, it is a good idea to use a dual compartment trash can.

It offers you more space as compared to the regular trash can. Also, it is space efficient and sleek in design. The liner in between ensures that the trash in one compartment does not mix with the other. You can use it for segregating the garbage as well. Most of these dual compartment trash cans come along with a paddle to open the lid. That means that you can quickly dispose of the trash in the trash can without having to worry about overfilling them. It might be a simple solution, but it works and can help you avoid a mess.

7. Window cleaner:

Full facade windows are once again in the trend. While they might look good enough but the larger windows are difficult to clean. It is not always feasible to climb up the ladder to clean the Windows. That is why, when looking for cleaning gadgets which can help you keep your home completely clean, robotic window cleaner is one of the best options which you have.

Most of the robotic window cleaners can cling to the surface of the window. You can control them with the help of a remote control. The window cleaners often use microfiber cleaning material which ensures that you don’t need to worry about scratching the glass. They can remove the stains, dust, and contaminants from the surface of the Windows. As a result, it is simple to keep your windows clean without having to do it again and again manually. A window cleaner is one of the best devices which you can use to keep the windows clean.

8. Blinds brush:

Most of us use blinds to control the amount of light which enters our home. Moreover, many of us use them to get the much-needed privacy in our homes. While they may enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home but they are tedious to clean. If you try to clean them manually, it can take a long time. If you use a vacuum cleaner, the efficiency of cleaning is not that high. You might be able to remove the dust and contaminants, but there is a thin layer which persists on the blinds.

The perfect solution is to get a dedicated blinds brush. It is manual in operation but can tackle three rows of blinds at a time. You can either use it standalone or dip it in water or a cleaning solution to get more efficient cleaning done. It is easy to hold and move in between the blinds which ensure that you can clean multiple surfaces of the plants in a single go. As a result, it saves a lot of time and allows you to clean your blinds thoroughly. It is now time to make those blinds look as good as new.

9. Toilet cleaning system:

We all detest the idea of manually scrubbing the toilet. However, at times it can become necessary. There is a solution which can help you avoid this problem. The toilet cleaning system which we are speaking about now is attached to the overflow tube of the flush valve. The advantage of this fixture is that the chemical does not come in contact with the flapper. A single cartridge consists of a cleaning solution which can last up to 3 months. You don’t need to replace it again and again. Also, since it is externally attached, replacing it is not a problem.

The advantage is that instead of scrubbing, each time you use the flush, the toilet will get cleaned by itself. With the help of an effective cleaning solution, you don’t need to scrub your toilet that often. Since regular cleaning is involved, you can be sure that each time you use the washroom; you never have to worry about those stains. It is one of the most effective solutions to keep your home clean and sanitized.

10. Lint roller:

Most people associate the Lint Roller with just removing pet hair from the clothes. However, it is much versatile. It allows you to clean your upholstery by eliminating the dust and food crumbs left on the upholstery. Similarly, if there is some glass lying on the floor, it can help you remove it in one scrubbing action. You can remove the bigger pieces of debris manually, and for the rest, you can use the Lint Roller.

11. Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine

Sonic Soak is the newest evolution in washing technology that utilizes ultrasonic technology to result in a deeper clean, saved time, water and energy, all in a compact package that can be taken anywhere. Sonic Soak generates modulated ultrasonic waves that travel through water to disintegrate dirt and bacteria at the microscopic level while being significantly more gentle than the conventional washing machine and even traditional hand washing.

Cleaning the home can be a tedious and challenging task. However, once you have the right tools and gadgets, you can do so efficiently. The right devices will help you to reduce the time which you put into cleaning your house. That is why it is important to follow our guide above and choose the best cleaning gadgets for your home. The ten cleaning gadgets which we have highlighted above will make the task of cleaning your home easy.