Because of the pandemic, real estate business has been put to a hold. However, it didn’t stop people from improving their homes. The truth is, because of staying inside for long periods, people paid attention to needed repairs and maintenance. It also gave a lot of people ideas on how to add value to their homes while waiting for the real estate market to recover.

If you’re one of the people wanting to improve your home’s value, here are a few projects that you can consider.

  1. Repainting Your Home – Painting is one of the most cost-effective methods of increasing your home’s curb appeal, which in turn increases value. A few buckets of paint are cheap, and painting your home doesn’t necessarily need years of experience. When choosing an exterior colour, consider using neutral colours. Shades of grey, whites, and beiges work well. For the interior, consider the function of the room and the ambience you’re trying to achieve. Paint can also make a room bigger or smaller.
  2. Minor Kitchen Remodelling – Many consider the kitchen as the heart of the house. So if you plan to add value and curb appeal to your home, one of the best places to start is in the kitchen. Some DIY projects that you can do are; replacing the tiles and redesigning cabinets, cupboards, and counters. However, remember to avoid overspending unnecessary kitchen upgrades.
  3. Adding a Deck – When making home improvements, you also want to include your yard. Nowadays, more people value and appreciate having a beautiful outdoor living space, especially now people are stuck in their homes. One of the best ways to increase curb appeal is to add a deck. While it can be challenging, building a deck can be done without any installers. All you need are some necessary tools and a friend or two to assist you. When choosing a deck, consider getting high-quality materials, such as composite decking boards. They are resistant to moulds, easy to maintain, and long-lasting.
  4. Get Energy-Efficient Appliances – If you have enough money, consider investing in energy-efficient, cost-saving appliances. Most people will look for them when looking for homes. Not only will it add curb appeal to your home, but you can also save costs in the long run.
  5. Minor Bathroom Redesign – Another important room in any home is the bathroom. Simple DIY projects can add appeal to your home. Some of the things that you can do are to replace the tiles, get new faucets, and add a few decorations to the walls. You can also install safety upgrades, such as handlebars and placing non-slip rugs or flooring.
  6. Updating Lighting Design – Like paint, proper lighting can affect a room in so many different ways. Some of the things that you can do are replace old light fixtures and add new ones. Use mood lights on rooms where you want a calm and relaxing environment. As for the living rooms, set up some task lighting. You may not be able to do any electrical work, but simple improvements can be DIY-ed.
  7. Reorganization and Decluttering – A simple reorganization can have big effects on your home’s curb appeal. Explore your home, and reorganize if needed. Look for areas where you can clean and declutter. If you have a lot of furniture and items to dispose of, don’t throw them yet. Look for ways to use them without adding clutter to your home. If not, you can sell them to get some cash for other projects.
  8. Update Windows and Doors – You’ll want to make your home as welcoming as possible. To do this, you may need to update your windows and doors. Most doors are easy to replace, whereas you may need some instructions for windows.
  9. Landscaping – Landscaping is also an important home improvement which can add value to your home. You don’t need to be a professional landscaper to have a beautiful lawn. All you need is the right tools and supplies. When starting a garden, it’s best to go with easy to grow plants and flowers. For trees, consider tall trees. Not only do they give shade, but when positioned properly, can also cut cost from your cooling bills. However, keep in mind your safety, as over planting trees, shrubs, and hedges can pose a security threat.
  10. Garage Door Improvement – When it comes to investment returns, garage door replacement often yields the most. If you have some experience, replacing a garage door with a new one is doable all by yourself. Not only does it add value, but it can also offer functionality.