Just because your home is single-roomed doesn’t mean it has to feel cramped, uncomfortable or small. In fact, living in a small space offers several benefits, such as lower utility bills, reduced cluttering, and less cleaning.

Discovering creative ways to decorate your studio apartment can be understandably nerve-racking. It doesn’t require rocket science, but ingenuity, careful planning, and editing. So, how do you fit a kitchen, bedroom and living room into one and still have enough space to breathe?

Understand The Flow

Before decorating your apartment have a look at All The Stuff who have some great decorating ideas, or simply follow our own tips. For example, think about how you move and then adjust your items or furniture accordingly. The apartment will feel more cramped if you trip over the couch when getting to your closet. Understanding the flow, therefore, helps you develop clear pathways.

Furniture Placement

living-room-2155376_960_720-1 10 Hacks And Tricks To Decorate Your Studio Apartment On A Budget

Organize your furnishings into smaller groups using furniture placement. Keep in mind that you don’t have walls to create boundaries, so furniture, lighting, rugs, and temporary walls can separate certain areas while keeping the space open.

Use Versatile Furniture

Decorating a studio apartment means optimizing every space. Using multifunctional furniture can save you space and hundreds of dollars. For instance, you can get a sofa that can be converted into a bed, a coffee table that can serve as magazine storage, TV accessories and so much more. If this idea interests you, try the following ideas:

  • A chair that converts into a bed
  • A bookshelf that can also serve as a room divider
  • A dual-purpose desks and nightstand

Optimize Wall And Ceiling Space

Cluttering is a major challenge in most studio apartments. You can manage this challenge by making the most of your ceiling and wall space. Install inexpensive hooks throughout your apartment to keep items such as clothing and towels off the floor or furniture.

To make your kitchen more efficient, suspend pans and pots from a ceiling rack, and mount a vertical garden for growing herbs on a sunny wall.

Hang your TV on the wall instead of buying a pricey console, and mount shelves for storing collectibles and books.

Make Use Of Natural Light

Nothing beats natural light when it comes to making a studio apartment look larger. Instead of drapes, hang translucent curtains, and always keep your windowpanes clean. In addition, you can make your apartment brighter using light-colored accessories, bedding, and furniture. And where necessary, add artificial light using string lights, floor and table lamps.

In summer, brighten up your apartment with decors such as fresh flowers, colorful throw pillows, garden-inspired table décor, and seashell vases. You can easily get these items without breaking the bank.

Use Mirrors And Faux Glass

Opaque furniture is unsuitable for small spaces because it absorbs light and adds visual bulk. Glass furniture is, therefore, a better option because it provides function and reflects light around the room. This makes your space appear brighter and larger.

If you think glass furniture might hit your wallet harder, consider Plexiglass furniture. It is sturdy and less expensive than glass. Also, place wall or floor mirrors opposite sunny windows to reflect more light, and make your room look larger and airier.

Go Smart On Storage Solutions

Despite being small in size, your studio apartment can have enough storage without feeling cluttered or cramped. Here are some smart storage solutions to consider:

  • Buy a radiator cover with in-built shelving.
  • Mount corner shelving for knickknacks and houseplants.
  • Use vertical bookshelves to fill the narrow, floor to ceiling wall space.
  • Install tuck risers under the bed for additional storage space.
  • Utilize over-door hangers to hold backpacks, laundry bags, towels, and gym bags.

Separate The Bedroom With Temporary Walls

Temporary or partial walls provide a practical way to separate create and separate the bedroom in your small space. You can use glass panels for a dramatic shine lined with gold silk drapes to offer privacy to the sleeping space. You can play around with the silk drape to infuse your personality.

Add Artwork

Creating your own art on the walls can be the game changer in adding personality to your studio apartment. Fortunately, there are several ways to hang art without picking up a hammer, so don’t shy from having your own sexy gallery wall.

Get Organized

Living in a studio apartment is an incentive enough to get organized because all your belongings are on display. Although smart storage solutions look respectable, you don’t want to keep unnecessary things, so make it a habit to donate what you don’t need.

What are your hacks and tricks for decorating a studio apartment? Share your ideas in the comment section below!