Do you like plants as part of your home decor? Are you a little afraid you won’t be able to keep them alive?

You might just be wrong with the Monstera Deliciosa or Split-Leaf Philodendron. This easy grower originates from the jungles in Mexico. It is known by many names including the swiss cheese plant, the hurricane plant or the fruit salad plant.

In its origins in the jungle, it not only liked to climb up other plants, but it also produced fruit. It won’t do either one as a plant in your house.

It will, however, be an easy grower and a beautiful addition decoratively. Read on to learn about all the ways you can add the Monstera Deliciosa to your home decor.

  1. Entryway Warmth

The statement-making Split Leaf Philodendron is a perfect choice for both foyers and entryways. If you have the room, let this tropical wonder go big and greet your guests as they enter your home.

Consider planting a larger version of the Monstera Deliciosa is a decorative pot that coordinates with your interior space. Your guests will feel like they’ve entered a tropical paradise. This will be especially true if you let your plant grow on its own without trimming.

  1. Dining Room Mood Setter

Nothing adds to the decor more than a healthy and well-established plant. Your dining room, where you may have some light but not direct light, is a perfect place for this plant to grow.

Why the dining room? Your dinner guests will feel like they are eating al fresco in a tropical paradise. Because of the plant’s large leaves and strong stems, it is easy to use to make a statement.

  1. Living Room Layers

The room where you want to relax and unwind is perfect for the Monstera Deliciosa. Whether you use one large plant or a group of plants, the warmth a plant brings into the space cannot be ignored.

Consider the design aesthetic you have in your room: traditional, bohemian, eclectic. Choose a pot or a stand to hold your plant that helps to add to the design vibe of your space.

  1. Flank to Make a Statement

If one plant is good, two is even better. Take two of these easy growers and use them to make a statement.

Do you have a large piece of furniture like an armoire or china cabinet? Flank each side of the furniture with one of the plants.

You might also consider flanking your fireplace with two of the Monstera Deliciosa. Be mindful, they might not love the strong heat when the fireplace is lit.

  1. Bathtub Jungle

If you are lucky enough to have a great soaking bathtub, then add plants to really create a bath oasis. Imagine sliding down into your bubble bath surrounded by the big leaves of the plant. It’s sure to add to your bath experience.

Even better, the Split-Leaf Philodendron will love the humidity created from your bath. Your plant will make you happy and you, in turn, will keep your plant happy too.

  1. Use In a Vase

If you already have a Monstera Deliciosa, give it a trim. But don’t just pitch those leaves. They are a decorator’s jackpot.

Pull out a favorite vase and add the stems to it. Using a tall vase with only a single leaf makes a bigger impact.

This idea can be used in so many ways, from on a tabletop to on the floor in a tall vase.

  1. Porch Pals

If you have a covered porch or a screened porch, what better way to use a plant? You probably regularly use flowering plants on those spaces.

Using just a green plant, like the Monstera Deliciosa, can up the sophistication level of your porch. You’ll also feel like you have skipped down and landed in a tropical resort by using the plants in these spaces.

Of course, they can’t stay outside for winters. But they will love their warm-weather season on a porch, much like you do.

  1. Table Top Centerpiece

Because this plant has such big leaves that are both strong and intricate at the same time, they are a great choice for a tabletop centerpiece.

Again, when you trim your regular plant, don’t throw out those leaves. Find your favorite table-sized vases or vessel.

Use the leaves in water as a centerpiece. They don’t need flowers added to them. Although adding a large flower like a lily or a tropical Bird of Paradise only adds to their ability to dress up your table.

  1. Workspace Greenery

Hey, nobody loves being stuck at their desk slaving away for hours and hours at a time. But you know what can make your workspace even more inviting?

Consider adding a Monstera Deliciosa plant to your desktop. If you have your own office, you could add a larger one as a floor plant.

Plants are calming. This plant helps to create a tropical feel. What better space to add that feeling than near your desk or office.

  1. Elevate It

Sure, you can put your plant on the floor. But they look fantastic when grouped together at different heights.

Consider plant stands that raise the plant up. You could also use varied table heights to elevate your plant.

Another idea is to elevate the plant behind an angled piece of furniture. Imagine your sofa angled in a corner. In the open space behind it on a raised surface is your big, green, leafy plant. This creates both interest and a unique backdrop.

The Monstera Deliciosa Plant: Perfect For Home Decor

This plant, Monstera Deliciosa, is unique. As an easy grower, it is definitely not the kind of plant you will feel the need to fuss over. Get it some light, consistent water, and occasional fertilizer, and watch it grow.

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