As you build your collection of tools, you need to keep them organized will also increase.

There is nothing more frustrating than to spend hours looking for a tool that you are confident that you own, but are unable to find.

In the worst case, you go ahead and purchase the tool a second time, only to find the first tool a few days later.

You can own thousands of tools, but unless you know where they are, it is going to be difficult to put them to use.

The other frustrating thing about not having an organization system, is that the tools can take up a lot of space.

Boxes and buckets full of tools can clutter your garage or workshop, making it hazardous to move about and complete meaningful work.

In this article, we’ll go over some organization ideas to help keep your shop or garage neat and orderly.

It’s pretty common to read tool reviews – such as from – before buying a new tool. With this article, we’ll be reviewing the organizational structures that will help you work more quickly.


The first thing to look into is how to create an ideal working space. You don’t just want a bench that will become another shelf for piling your miscellaneous parts on.

However, it is extremely handy to have an area that will allow you to mount a vise, and from which you can work on smaller projects.

There are a large number of workbenches for sale online. Additionally, you can build your own.

If you are doing a lot of repairs on smaller items or creating smaller crafts, having a bigger workbench makes sense.

Larger projects will require you to work with sawhorses. It is likely that you won’t spend as much time doing projects on your workbench. Accordingly, a much smaller space makes sense.


Shelves are the next investment to consider. Many people will hang 12-inch wide boards on their wall with brackets. This is a fairly cheap option and will allow you to create a lof to space for organizing your belongings.

Shelves work great for storing your power tools, chemicals and other small objects that you will use frequently,

The downside of wall-mounted shelves is how narrow they are. A better option to consider to invest in high-quality shelving racks.

These shelving racks are going to be about 3 feet deep and will allow you to store entire boxes of supplies.  This gives you the advantage of being able to better organize your items as opposed to setting them directly on the shelf.

Cupboards and Cabinets

The downside with shelving is that it puts all of your items on display inside the garage.

There is something satisfying about keeping all of your tools behind closed doors. It makes your garage appear that much more organized and clean.

Many of the shelving options on the market are also available in a cupboard format. These cabinets provide the same benefits as the shelving options, but with a cleaner look.

Another consideration is to repurpose kitchen cupboards. Since you won’t be overly concerned about style, You can purchase these cupboards at extremely affordable prices.

Wall Organization

One of the benefits of storing tools on your wall is that it keeps them easily accessible. This is especially nice for those tools such as hammers and screwdrivers that you need to use frequently.

Pegboards used to be the gold standard of the home garage.  You could set up a pegboard and then customize the layout for your tools.

The advantage of a pegboard was the unlimited number of configurations and layouts that you could go with.

Today there are a lot of pegboard alternatives. Magnetic strips are a popular option for organizing hand tools, and many manufacturers will include a wall-hanging rack with the tools you buy to help you keep them organized. Some of them also sell special organizers that allow you to keep their brand of tool carefully arranged.

There are also many after-market options available.  You just need to find the right one for your type of tools.


Some of your larger tools don’t need to be stored for easy use. This is where you can consider setting them up on a pulley and rope system.

We see this being done commonly to store boats and bicycles. With pulleys and ropes, you can raise your bigger items up to the ceiling to keep them out of the way until you are ready to use them.

You might also consider doing this with some tools and seasonal items.  Your broadcast spreaders and dethatchers are two such tools that don’t need to be used on a daily basis.

Getting them up and out of the way will free up your garage space for the tools you more commonly use.

Attic Elevators

If you are lucky enough to have attic access to the area above your workshop, you can consider converting part of it into storage.

Adding 1/2 inch MDF board to the floor will create a strong, stable surface on which to work and store your lesser-used items.

The big trick is coming up with a way to get these items up to your attic.

Some inventors have come up with a pulley system that allows you to create an elevator of sorts.  This system uses a steel frame and plywood to create a platform that you can then raise up through a hole you create in your ceiling.

Some of these systems are motorized and work via remote to make it easy to access your attic space.

Having an elevator like this makes it easier for moving totes of supplies back and forth. Whether you are storing the Christmas supplies or putting your garden tools away, these elevators are the next evolution in garage organization.

The benefit of having a well-organized space is not limited to the pride that you have in a  beautiful working-area.  You also enjoy the benefits of being able to work more quickly. It also decreases the amount of time you spend getting everything put back into the proper place and allows you to get back to doing the things you truly enjoy.