Knitted items are a perfect representation of your skills that you can highlight in your home by incorporating them in your home decors. Whether you want a contemporary or traditional look, knitting is back to capture everyone’s attention. Pursue your passion in this crafty skill and make your home a lot more cozy, comfortable, relaxing, and inviting.

In this article, increase your knowledge of the knitted items you can use as a part of your home decors.

  1. Knitted Floor Mat

You can have a plain, solid, or colorful knitted floor mats. Along with the type, the advantage of knitting is you can create any shape, like a circular, heart shape, or rectangular floor mat. A knitted floor mat is also a perfect mat for any entryway, bedroom, or kitchen.

Before starting to knit a floor mat or any knitted item, make sure you have all the materials you need, such as yarn, rope or clothesline, sewing thread, and a suitable needle. Choose a thick cotton clothesline for your knitter and earn the benefits stepping into a comfortable floor mat later on. provides everything you’ll need for every knitting project you have.

Here are some tips when knitting a floor mat:

  • The size of the floor mat depends on the yarn or rope diameter and your tension knitting, so it’s important to consider these attributes for the variation. Change the number of rows or stitches according to your intended mat size.
  • Once you’ve finished knitting, wet the floor mat to block it.
  • After wetting, adjust the knit to resemble a rectangular shape and dry it on the floor. For this, you can place a dry towel to absorb water and moisture at the bottom.

When washed, the floor mat is going to be heavy, so you have to prepare for this, too.

  1. Knitted Poufs

One of the hottest home décors is oversized poufs. They serve as footstools, coffee tables, extra seating, and decor accents.

As they provide a scene of comfort, making the space more soothing, you can place knitted poufs in your living room right next to your sofa, your bedroom, or playroom.

  1. Knitted Ottoman Cover

Update an inexpensive ottoman cube with a knit cover using a textured cable pattern. The square mosaic pattern is also a good idea as it brings out your top knitting skills and concepts at a higher level.

The more detailed the pattern, the better you can hone your skills, making your home décor more adorable and intense.

  1. Knitted Curtains

Knitted curtains, which are ideal for small-sized windows, are elegant and timeless They keep out the sun’s glare while still providing some natural light for the room. Because knitted curtains don’t require any decreases or increases, a novice can easily stitch a knitted curtain.

Knitted curtains come in different styles. For instance, lacy curtains can be stitched with a smaller needle and lace-weight. Because knitted curtains have open stitches, large amounts of sunlight can pass through. For greater privacy, closer stitches are highly recommended. You can also achieve a visually-pleasing knitted curtain using a light-weight yarn.

Check out these tips when knitting a curtain:

  • The best needle for knitting curtains is a long circular needle, measuring at least 24 inches long. It’s easier on the wrists since knitted curtains can be heavy and bulky, depending on the window size.
  • Decide where you would prefer the bottom edge of the knitted curtain to fall and where the rod will hang. Measure the rod to the bottom and add two inches for the rod pocket.
  • The garter stitch is an easy pattern for beginners. If you’re already good at it, you could knit a complicated lace pattern. When using stockinette stitch rolls on the edges, add a garter stitch edge border to prevent rolling.
  1. Knitted Table Runner

With a knitted table runner, you can surprise everyone with a decorative addition in your home décor. Now, entertaining your guests is more exciting as you showcase your knitted table runner while catching up with your friends and relatives.

Here’s how to knit a table runner, which is recommended for beginners:

  • Use a large knitting needle (19 mm) and a bulky yarn (54 yards each).
  • Use a knit stitch (12 to 15 stitches for 4 inches), which is a perfect knit project for beginners.
  • Cast on 14 stitches, or any number you desire, knitting every row until the table runner reached your desired length.
  • Bind off and embellish your knitted table runner with two tassels on each end.
  1. Knitted Throw Pillow Cover

Achieve a Scandinavian design for your living room by decorating it with knitted throw pillows on the couch. Complete the look with sheer drapes and a patterned table mat.

  1. Knitted Flower Pot

Make your plant pots look cozy with a garter stitch knitting pattern. It’s also a great way to dress your potted indoor plants.

You’ll need a 5.5mm knitting needle and approximately 120 to 140 yards of yarn. For a knitted plant pot, the approximate measurement is 8 inches for the width by 5 ½ inches for the height.

  1. Knitted Pot Holders

Make your kitchen more stylish with knitted potholders beautifully placed in your favorite kitchen corner. They’re beautiful and functional at the same time, protecting your hands from extreme heat and adding a custom design for your kitchen.

  1. Knitted Blanket

Your loved ones will surely feel more comfortable sleeping with an incredible knitted blanket, which you can make using a large knitting needle. A knitted blanket is also a great addition to your bedroom.

Create your favorite pattern to highlight your knitting skills, rewarding yourself with an ultra-plush knitted blanket later.

  1. Knitted Vase

Do you find your flower vase design too generic? Dress up your flower vase with a knitted design. At the same time, you can also change your curtains to change the overall look of the room where you’ll place the knitted vase.


Knitted items that are incorporated in your home décor reflect your passion for the DIY craft. They’re unique and personalized home décor pieces not found elsewhere.

You can make your lovely home more comfortable, cozier, and relaxing by incorporating knitted items, such as knitted curtains, knitted throw pillow cover, knitted plant pots, knitted table runner, knitted floor mat, knitted poufs, and ottoman cover, among others.