To complete a task and get your things in place becomes so much more manageable when you know what to do and how to do, right?

Even the most challenging task smoothens down when properly planned and executed.

So, the reasonably challenging process of moving your house can become a problem-free and stress-free experience.

It just needs appropriate planning and a convenient list of things to do from your end before making a move.

Make the shifting of your house comfortable by being 100% prepared.

Move My Stuff has jotted down the list of important things you should consider before moving to another house:

Make an educated guess

Moving out confuses people as to what to do, where to start, and how much it can cost them. Thus, with a lot of things to do before moving out, it becomes difficult to get started. Once your new house is confirmed, then the first step is to calculate the cost of moving. Do consider that the cost of the move will determine how you approach the entire relocation process.

To know the actual cost, request free cost estimators who have good experience of moving and relocating. Along with this, hire the best mover to help you out. But ensure to ask them to visit you beforehand and share the approximate estimation. So, the first task is to get an accurate estimate for the move.

Don’t fall for dishonest movers

  1. Hiring a mover is essential. Many people think getting one is a waste of money but having them makes things go smooth and convenient. Sometimes, when you are between a big task and the mover you appointed betrays you, you may be left completely helpless. To avoid this, you need to ensure that you-
  • Research movers extensively on your own before finalizing anyone. It may take a lot of time, but you will avoid last-minute panic.
  • Request moving quotes from reputed pre-screened removal companies.
  • Check out the safety measures carried out by the movers during the pandemic.

Have your checklist ready

While moving, there are chances of you missing out on something. Therefore, it’s essential to make a proper checklist. Making a checklist is part of the preparation step, and if that goes well, the task will get completed in an organized manner from start to end. This is an essential time management tool while making a move.

You can even take the moving timeline and personalize it as per your requirement. Remove all the irrelevant tasks and add only the ones you need to do. Along with this, also number the tasks according to priority.

Declutter your home

It is a mistake often done by first-time movers. If you don’t declutter your home before moving, then it can be a costly affair. Thus it’s also essential to consider and get rid of all the items that you won’t require at your new place. You can either resell them or dump them. It’s simpler than carrying all the unwanted belongings to the new home. But the primary reasons you need to declutter are:

  • Transportation cost: More the items, more the weight, and more the expenses.
  • Time: You will require much less time when the unwanted items are reduced.
  • Storage space: The new house will be different from the old one, and thus the area occupied can also be less. Therefore, carry according to space and requirement.
  • Reselling: Reselling the stuff you don’t need can add extra money to your pocket, helping you with other expenses.

Decide on basic packing

Packing is one of the most important tasks for moving, and doing it yourself can be less time-consuming and convenient when it comes to unpacking. Just remember to pack all the fragile objects safely using bubble wraps to ensure that it remains intact during the move. Additionally, you can use a permanent marker to write the contents on the box, so that while unpacking, you only unpack the essential items at first such as clothes and bedsheets.

Get assistance

Relocating is not a simple task that can be done alone. Thus before starting your move, decide who is there to help you out and if you need extra manpower to move all your furniture and packed boxes.

If you have a family member to help you out, you are lucky enough. Thus you can have no trust issues, and you can be relaxed when it comes to the security of valuable belongings. Also, if required, you can even ask friends or hire professional movers.

Mistakes are not affordable

Making mistakes while moving can make your task get more complicated and expensive. Your time, money, and energy are tested during home relocation. Avoid making these mistakes-

  • Less research about the moving company
  • Self-moving without considering multiple options
  • Not requesting in-home estimates
  • Organizing your move without a proper checklist
  • Not exploring all good ways to cut moving costs

Use furniture sliders

When you hire a professional, ask them to use furniture sliders. It makes the task much more manageable without causing any physical injury or damage to the floor. If you are moving on your own, you can rent these sliders from any removal company.

Lifting techniques

Nothing is better than hiring a professional. But if you are doing on your own, then consider basic techniques and stretch before lifting any heavy material. You can make use of moving equipment such as lifting moving straps, dollies and trolleys to ensure that you do not harm yourself while picking up heavy boxes of pieces of furniture.

Double tape boxes

Even if you have the best quality boxes in good condition and called the lifters to do the task, you need to ensure that you double tape the boxes to avoid any tears or cracks in the boxes. Use moving blankets to cushion all your valuable items in the boxes. This ensures that your furniture and other belongings do not get damaged, scratched or cracked during the move.

While moving house may seem like a tedious and complicated task, it is not as difficult as it seems.

It can be an exciting and easy activity when done with proper planning and execution.

With the help of professional movers, moving is bliss, and you can sit back while they carry out the whole process for you.