Lots of people say no to air conditioning, but there is no way around heat. Anyone living where it gets cold in the winter understands just how necessary it is to keep the house warm. However, heating may account for up to 70% of your monthly bills. It’s an expensive part of life.

Thankfully, there are some ways you can reduce this cost. Here are 10 ways you can save money on your heating bills:

  1. Fix drafts in the windows and doors

Drafts let the cold air in, which wastes energy heating the house. Check for leaks in your window frames and fill cracks with wood epoxy. Then, check the bottoms of your doors for gaps and add weatherstripping.

frost-on-window-g13dd2c491_1920 10 Tips That Will Save You Money on Your Heating Bills

Weatherstripping is great for energy efficiency and pest control. Mice often crawl under doors to reach the home’s interior, especially in the wintertime. Call Mice Control Mississauga or another professional near you if you have been dealing with a mouse problem.

  1. Add rugs to your floors

Rugs are great for keeping your feet warm while insulating the room. Consider adding one to the living room and one in the bedroom to help you get stay warm. If you’re worried about cost, look for holiday sales on the Internet and visit off-price retailers.

  1. Switch to heavy drapes

Heavy drapes help insulate the windows, which may leak up to 20 times more heat than the walls around them. Look for thermal drapes that are designed to insulate the home against the cold and close them before bed. You should also consider upgrading your windows or adding plastic film covers to the panes.

  1. Lower the temperature on your thermostat

Lowering the temperature in your home by one or two degrees can leave a significant impact on your heating bill. If you get cold, get yourself some fuzzy socks, comfy sweaters, and throw blankets. Winter is the season to get cozy.

  1. Maintain the furnace

Furnaces need maintenance to work properly. If it’s been several years, you should have your furnace inspected and serviced by a professional.

  1. Humidify the air

The air is drier in the winter, which makes it harder to retain heat. Start using a humidifier to help warm up the air and feel more comfortable.

  1. Upgrade your insulation

Upgrading the insulation in your attic or within your wall voids is a costly investment, but it can save you money in the long run. If your bills are far too expensive, there are cold spots in your home, or your HVAC system is simply unreliable, it may be time to have your insulation inspected and replaced.

  1. Change the HVAC filter

Change your HVAC filter every couple of months to remove dust. Clogged filters make it harder for your machine to push air, driving up your bill. While you’re at it, vacuum up your vents and grilles and clean out the dryer duct.

  1. Create a heating schedule

A simple way you can save on your heating bill is to lower the temperature on the thermostat while you are away. If you are at work for 8 hours, you don’t need the house to be very warm. To make your life a little easier, you can invest in a programmable thermostat.

  1. Reverse ceiling fans

Finally, you can help save on your heating bill by reversing the blades on your ceiling fans. Doing so will push the air down, so that warm air stays in the room longer.

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