Now that you have purchased your new luxury condo, you may be thinking it is time to make it truly feel like home. While there are a few different things you may have to consider when decorating a condo as opposed to a single-family home, there are still many things one can do to add their own personal touch.  This article will show you 10 ways to decorate your new luxury condo!

Add an Accent Wall

Adding an accent wall can make a big impact on a room. It can be used to highlight a particular feature in the room or to add color and personality. There are many ways to add an accent wall, so it’s easy to find one that fits your style and taste.

Many times when incorporating an accent wall homeowners choose a dark and dramatic color which will add depth and contrast to a room. From there, one can add additional features such as artwork, pictures and more to spruce up the area.

Mix and Match Textures and Patterns

One of the most important things to consider when decorating a room is the mood you are trying to set. You will want to use different textures and patterns to create this feel, but make sure you don’t go overboard. Too many similar textures and patterns can cause your room to look cluttered and haphazard.

Lighting is Key

Lighting is an important component in any room. Having good lighting will help you see details that you might not otherwise be able to see, and is an easy way to update the look of a room with minimal expense. There are many types of lights available for decoration, but if your budget does not allow for multiple light fixtures throughout the room, one good overhead light will do the trick.

Add Art to Empty Walls

Adding art to empty wall space is a great way to add color and subtle texture changes throughout your room. One easy way to decorate with pictures is to choose three or five that are similar in color tone, then hang them at eye level in a fairly symmetrical manner.

Bring the Outdoors in

Nature is relaxing and serene, which is why many people find it to be a great way to decorate their homes. Adding plants inside your condo can bring fresh air and greenery inside, while also making your condo feel more like home. If you do not have space for a plant on a table or desk, hanging plants can do the trick as well.

Notice the Details

There are many small things you can add to your condo to make it truly feel like home. Adding a mat under your front door is a simple way to make it feel more like an entrance and less like a hallway. Having good lighting at night is another easy step that can instantly update the look of your condo.

Plant a Garden

Depending on the type of condo you live in, and the condominium corporation’s restrictions, you may be able to plant a beautiful garden to add color and life to your home. If you are located in a high-rise condo building but have a patio or balcony, even a few potted plants, or a plant wall will make a large impact.

If you live in a luxury condo community, you may have access to a lawn or yard, in which you can plant a beautiful garden or two around your home. It is important to check with your HOA to ensure you are within the guidelines though.

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