Our bedrooms are incredibly important for both our physical and mental wellbeing, so ensuring that yours is a safe space, for relaxation and escaping the stresses of the outside world is so important to promoting good health. There are many things to consider when it comes to designing your dream bedroom, so it can feel a bit daunting when starting this endeavour. It’s essential that you take a step back and contemplate exactly what you aim to achieve from redecorating your room and that you have a general idea of what it’ll look like once it’s complete. Here, we have listed some key considerations for you to use during the planning stage so save this page for future reference.

Beds And Mattresses
The very obvious thing to think about in a bedroom is of course, your bed. Choosing the right bed to suit you is probably one of the most important considerations here as a bad bed can drastically impact your physical and mental health. Bad sleep posture caused by a bad mattress and pillow can diminish your quality of sleep and ultimately harm your desire to go to bed or even spend time in your bedroom. Conduct plenty of research into what you need from your bed to ensure you’re picking the right one, as it can be an expensive purchase. Try to avoid shopping for discount beds too as a great quality bed is worth every penny.

Wall Designs
Next, you’ll want to think about how you want to design your walls in your room. Whether you’re looking to paint or add wallpaper, you’ll want this to feel like a refreshing yet comforting space so avoid anything too bright, glaring, or busy. Intricate patterns on wallpaper can look great, but aren’t inducive of relaxation, similarly with an electric-pink paint. Instead, consider subtle, pastel colours, whites and greys, or even simple wallpaper prints with darker, floral patterns. Break up the intensity of a colour or pattern by allocating it to a specific feature wall too, and keep your other walls muted and simple.

Curtains And Blinds
Your curtains should stick with the overall theme of your room as they can be a fairly domineering element to the space. Depending on the type of person you are, whether you’re an early bird that thrives on getting those first few hours of sunlight, or if you need those extra hours in bed after a long night, you’ll want to consider how much light your curtains will be letting in. Thin, airy curtains that billow in the wind are a fantastic choice for letting sunlight shine through to gently wake you up and give the room a fresh and lively vibe. On the other hand, that might sound like the absolute worst idea for you. In which case, you’ll want to choose some cozy, comforting, thick wool curtain that block out the light on your terms.

Window Choices
This choice is often overlooked, and it can be something you dismiss for now as windows can be changed whenever. However, everything about your choice in window can impact the overall feel of the room. Not only does the style and colour really have to fit with the theme, but the size and position of your windows will impact the amount of natural light or fresh air coming into the room. If you’re opting for a more traditional looking space, Georgian and Victorian style windows are a wonderfully characterful choice. But if you’re aiming for a more contemporary style, consider some oversized windows, possibly even replacing an entire wall. This is a much grander undertaking, but the results can be utterly stunning. Large automatic drapes will help to preserve privacy when needed, whilst the windows themselves allowing you to have some great views of the outside world.

Lighting Ideas
As with natural light, the way in which you implement unnatural light into your bedroom can significantly affect the feel of the room. Smart lighting is a wonderful choice here as you’ll be able to completely change the brightness and colour at the press of a button. Looking for a bright an energetic boost on a gloomy day? Turn up your bulbs to their brightest, white daylight setting. Or, if you’re wanting to embrace the relaxing feeling of a wintery evening, opt for a warm, candlelight glow. As well as your choice in bulbs, you’ll also want to think about your light fitting designs, and which specific lights you’ll need. Again, try to match your lights to your theme, and make sure you have them placed in the right places. Lamps for your bedside tables, or your workspace if you’re going to have a desk in your room, are essential choices.

Carpets And Floors
The final, key element to setting the tone of your room is your floors. A cold, hard floor isn’t always ideal for a comforting bedroom, so if you’re looking to stray away from wooden floors for example, you’ll want to get yourself a luxurious carpet to that feels fantastic underfoot. A wool carpet is a great choice for this, and they are also very resilient to wear and tear. You can start by browsing the wool carpets from Designer Carpet to see what colour and style will suit your bedroom best. These have a luxurious feel and finish that will transform any space. Replacing carpets isn’t the easiest job and can be quite costly when having someone else fit them, so finding a carpet that can withstand lots of use will prevent you from needing to replace it for years to come. Choosing a great carpet to match your bedroom’s theme is a brilliant way of completing the look.

Storage Options
Adding some great storage options for your bedroom is a very good way of reducing clutter and mess. With a large bedroom you’re going to have a fairly easy time implementing a great storage system, and you could even add a wall-length wardrobe without feeling like you’ve lost much space. With smaller rooms however, you might feel as though there’s just no room for a chest of drawers let alone a wardrobe. This is where you’ll need to be as creative as possible and utilise as much space as you can. Identify possible areas to keep your things hidden away, such smaller alcoves that can be converted into shelves, under-bed drawers and storage boxes, or even make use of your verticality by adding wall shelves.

Mirror Placement
Rarely is a bedroom complete without a mirror. Not only are they essential for when you’re choosing outfits or doing your makeup routine, they also provide some other very important, passive tasks. Mirrors are well known to make a room appear larger, which is perfect for a small bedroom. Not only that, but you can make great use of these mirrors to help reflect natural light, that comes in through your windows and doors, around your room. Ensure that you’re placing your mirror opposite your windows for maximum impact.

House Plants
Having a selection of greenery can benefit any room, whether it’s your kitchen, living room, or bedroom. The benefits of having plants are numerous so we highly recommend getting some, whether you’ve got a green-thumb or not. Plants are proven to improve our mental health and reduce stress, whilst also directly improving the air quality in your home. If you’re an experienced plant owner, you’ll have an idea of what sorts of plants will suit your particular space, based on the amount of natural light and the humidity. However, if you’re new to plant care, it’s important to consider how much time you’ll be able to afford to look after them. If you’re always on the go and rarely have any free time, you might want to choose some hardy plants that can withstand a good amount of neglect for when you forget to water them.

Sleep Technology
Another thing to think about when laying out your room is what technology you can add and remove to improve your sleep quality. Taking your TV out of your bedroom might sound like an impossible decision but it’s a good choice if you’re trying to turn the space into one of rest. When it comes to helpful tech, why not try a blue light for those dark, early morning starts, where you just can’t seem to get out of bed? Or you could get yourself a sun-emulating alarm clock that slowly wakes you up with a simulated sunrise, getting brighter overtime to provide you with a more natural and gradual wake up call? There are lots of great options and you can even program your smart lights to work in this manner too.

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