If you are looking to give your home a makeover and have decided to go shopping for some new blinds it makes sense to consider all of your options so that you end up with the perfect choice that looks and feels just right.

You might be surprised to discover that there are lots of different types of blinds to choose from. It is not just the fabric and color that you need to think about. Whether it’s cassette blackout blinds or pleated shades, to name a couple of options, make the right choice and it will enhance your home for years to come.

Here is a guide to the various blind options that you have when you decide to give your home a great makeover.

A few considerations that can help narrow down your options

A good starting point would be to ask yourself what you want from your new blinds.

It might be that you are more concerned about making sure you keep the sunlight out with blackout blinds, or it could be that your main objective is to make a more decorative statement.

Then there is the question of whether your preferred choice will be vertical or horizontal blinds. Other options to consider include whether you want a roman shade or a roller blind. Let’s take a look at the various different types of blinds to help you get a better idea of what you want and what will look the best in your home, based on your aesthetic and practical requirements.

Vertical blinds are a popular choice

If you are looking for a blind that covers your window from floor to ceiling, or to cover a patio door, for instance, vertical blinds tend to tick all of the right boxes.

Vertical blinds are also versatile enough to look good when covering smaller window spaces too.

Another great point about vertical blinds is the fact that they are available in a wide range of materials. That means you can find one that fits your budget, whether that is real wood, or PVC, for example.

Venetian blinds offer a custom solution

Venetian blinds are really popular with many customers and it’s not hard to see why that is.

These horizontal blinds offer a great solution that is practical because they can be used on any size of door or window. You can have your venetian blinds made in any size, so they will feet almost any shape of window you need to cover. They can also be made in almost any material that you want. This means you have plenty of design and style options when you choose venetian blinds.

Mini blinds could be worth thinking about

A mini blind is very similar in that it works in much the same way as a venetian blind. The main difference is that these blinds come in a smaller width, as the description suggests.

If you prefer the look of these mini blinds compared to venetian blinds, bear in mind that these can be harder to clean because of their smaller size.

An even smaller version of a venetian blind

Staying on the subject of the size of blinds, it is also worth saying that you can get micro blinds too.

Basically, these are an even smaller version of a venetian blind than a mini blind. Micro blinds can deliver a very cosmopolitan look, but they can be difficult to keep clean because of their size.

Another good choice of cover for your patio door

If you have a large window space to cover you might want to look at panel blinds.

These blinds move along a track. This makes them easy to open and close when you want to access your patio door.

A softer alternative to a venetian blind

If you think that a venetian blind might look a bit too harsh for the decor and surroundings you could choose pleated blinds as a viable alternative.

Pleated shades are usually made from fabric and this has the effect of creating a softer look when compared to a venetian blind.

Cellular shades offer a choice of materials

Cellular shades are made in much the same way as pleated shades, but the main difference is the fact that these shades are made from two different materials.

This means you can use this type of blind to help keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Roman shades are a classic solution

If you want a traditional blind solution you may well want to consider having roman blinds fitted.

Its unmistakable design folds into itself and creates the sort of look and feel to your room that is both timeless and elegant.

Roller shades are a budget-friendly option

If you want a practical blind solution that won’t break the bank it is clear that roller shades offer a lot of options.

They are easy to fit and are available in a very wide range of shades and fabrics. You can also fit a liner to the blind if you are looking for a blackout option.

Solar shades offer a great way to regulate sunlight

There is not much difference between roller shades and solar shades when it comes to appearance. The main difference between the two is that a solar shade is designed to reduce glare and prevent UV rays from entering your room.

If you have a room that is usually bathed in direct sunlight a solar shade could be a good option.

Protection from the outside

If you need to reduce your home’s exposure to the sun you could also look at fitting at outdoor shades.

As you would expect, these are heavy-duty and weather-resistant blinds that are more about protecting you from the elements rather than for aesthetic purposes.

Curtain blinds deliver a timeless country look

If you are looking for a solution that is somewhere between a blind and a curtain you should consider curtain blinds.

Also known as tie-up shades, it is a design option that tends to go well with lots of decor styles.

The right option if you have a conservatory

If you have a conservatory fitted to your home you can get skylight shades to cover as well as insulate this space.

You can choose from many different styles and even get ones that are controlled automatically.

A high-tech blind solution

The great thing about blinds is that they are usually very versatile, and that includes making them suitable for a home that embraces smart technology.

You can fit blinds that are controllable via a smartphone application. That means you can program your blinds to open and close so that you enhance your energy and security credentials while ticking all the style boxes at the same time.

There are so many options when it comes to blinds. Ask your supplier for guidance and they will be able to find a solution that is perfect for your home.

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