Many people might be looking for a plant for that one coffee or end table that isn’t right next to a window, and this list can help! Plants don’t always need to be situated directly next to a window in grow properly, and this list is proof.

Small and easy to care for plants are like a match made in heaven. There are many plants that fit both these categories, and here we’re going to talk about 15 of the absolute best plants that will spice up any coffee table, no matter the light or humidity levels in your home. If you already own some houseplants and aren’t sure if they’re a great fit for your coffee table, you can use a houseplant ID tool to figure out exactly which species you own. Knowing exactly what type of plant you’re keeping is crucial to providing the right care!


  1. Golden Hanii Snake Plant

This dwarf snake plant grows to be about 8 inches tall and doesn’t need to much sun or care. As long as this plant is planted and has at least some light then it will be happy. This little plant brings a lovely ray of golden light wherever it goes. These plants don’t need much water and actually prefer to be left alone and a little dry, so a well-draining soil is a must if you are prone to overwatering. If you keep these plants in in humus rich soil that holds a lot a water you have to be careful not to overwater because they may succumb to root rot.

  1. Golden Barrel Cactus

Possibly one of the most iconic cacti on the face of the earth, the golden barrel is a rotund cactus that can grow up to 36” in diameter, but when ept inside it stays small and petite. Watch out for the spines though! Thy can get lodged in your skin if you aren’t careful. Be sure not to water these plants too much and to put them in sandy, well-draining soil. Cacti also appreciate light, so the room you plant it in should have plenty of natural light.

  1. Bromeliads

Easy indoor plants can sometimes be just green, and there is nothing wrong with that. But what if you wanted an extra splash of color with some reds or purples? Well bromeliads to the rescue! These hardy plants are easy to grow indoors for many reasons. “Broms” are very tolerant of infrequent waterings and are also pest and disease resistant! Additionally, bromeliads have absolutely gorgeous forms, foliage, and flowers. They’re even easy to propagate! What more could you want?

  1. Air Plants (Tillandsia)

A subtype of bromeliads, tillandsia are perhaps even a hardier kind of the classic bromeliad. As their name implies, air plants need little more than air to thrive. As long as you soak or mist them every week or so they will have plenty of water and nutrients. They don’t even need soil to be planted in. You can simply place these plants on the table, or in a small bowl or receptacle. There are man different varieties and you can find any size or shape to suite your home and your coffee table.

  1. Jade Plant

Originally from the arid regions of Africa, Jade plant’s thrive on neglect and lack of water. They are easy to trim and form it into how you want. Although they orefer lots of light, they can get by just fine with just a little from a window. The one requirement with jade plants is to not over water, make sure it gets nice and dry in between waterings.

  1. Spider Plants

A classic for a reason, spider plants come in both variegated and unvariegated forms, so if you want lighter or darker green then spider plants are great. These plants can really live in just about any soil, light, and water condition. They don’t mind moist soil and can deal with a little dryness here and there too.  Spider plants have been in the plant hobby for decades because of how easy and pretty they are. Although they can get somewhat large, they are still good coffee table-sized plants and if they get too large you can take one of the propagates and plant it right in its mother’s place.

  1. Rubber Trees

A tree? On your coffee table? It’s possible! Rubber trees are slow growing and don’t get much taller than 3 feet very easily. If you have a particularly large coffee table than a rubber tree might just be the right choice. They came in variegated, dark, and red-variegated varieties. These plants need only a moderate amount of light, and can be kept in a small pot. Keeping them in a small pot will ensure the tree stays on the smaller side, and it will also clear up some space on your table.

  1. Aloe Vera

A plant that looks cute and is functional? What more could you want! Aloes are very easy to care for and also provide some much needed burn relief if you spill some fresh coffee on yourself. Aloes are technically succulents, and so need ample light and drainage. Aloe is also technically a whole genus, but the easiest species to grow is Aloe Vera. Aloe Vera is also the most effective at burn treatment. If you have a particularly bright coffee table area, you should try out some of the more exotic colored aloes.

  1. African Violets

Another absolute classic, African violets have gorgeous foliage and cute little flowers too. These plants are very hardy, adaptable, and available. They’re also super easy to propagate and give to your friends. African violets are an ideal candidate for a cute and spunky little pot to compliment its cute and spunky little demeanor. Make sure they pot has adrainage hole though, these plants are prone to root rot if they are kept too cold.

  1. Lucky Bamboo

Another plant that doesn’t even need soil, lucky bamboo is perfectly happy in some water. Lucky bamboo can thrive in literally any situation as long as there is some amount of light and plenty of moisture. You should keep the lucky bamboo in  moist soil, or more easily, some water. You can further spruce up its bowl or pot with some glass pebbles that give the roots something to latch onto and find themselves to weave around. Lucky bamboo doesn’t even need that much light. You can even put multiple stems in a single bowl to make it look like a miniature bamboo forest.

  1. Pothos

Although not typically thought of as a small plant, pothos are very easy to trim and keep tidy. Pothos also come in some of the widest variety of colors and patterns imaginable. You can pick up a classic golden variegated in your local grocery store, or a rarer and more exotic version online or in specialty plant stores. Pothos can also be kept in water, and that’s actually a perfect way to propagate. To make your pothos a proportionally sized coffee table plant, it is important to regularly trim. You can place these trimmings in a small glass or jar of water and wait for roots to form. Once roots form you can plant them back in the original pot, a new pot, or you can gift it to a friend.

  1. Australian Red Lime

Australian red limes are a dwarf variety of citrus trees and thus require a lot of light, and a decent amount of watering in the summertime. Although these trees would prefer to be on an outdoor coffee table or end table, you can indeed keep them inside, refer to our article on indoor fruit trees if you want more information. In general, these plants need a well-draining soil with lots of fertilization and light. These ”trees” only get to be about a foot tall and are an ideal choice for a sunny sunroom with ample natural light, and you might even get some fruit out of it!

  1. Prayer Plant

Possibly the most uniquely patterned plant on this list, prayer plants are almost like having a work of art on your coffee table. These beautiful plants have red veins on its leaves. The leaves also raise and lower depending on in the time of day and light level. These plants do best in indirect sun and even moisture in the pot. It is important not to let the soil dry out too much, and so a glazed ceramic pot is ideal compared to a terra cotta pot.

  1. ZZ Plant

ZZ plants, also called the Zanzibar Gem, will practically grow in the dark (not actually, but almost!). These plants also need minimal waterings and so are great for forgetful plant parents. These are ideal to add height to your coffee table, and they even come in black if you wat something just a little different.

  1. Echevaria

The classic succulent, Echeverias are a hardy genus of plants which need minimal water. The one issue you might have when growing these is lack of light. Since these plants originally come from the dessert, they love sun light. If you don’t have multiple south-facing windows around your coffee table, it would be important to minimize your watering to prevent the plant from stretching to find the sun ( called etiolation).

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