With Spring well and truly here, many of us are looking to start our home interior projects for the year.
With the design world a little more settled on what they like and dislike for the calendar year, now is a great time to look at some of the most popular trends you should consider using in your home. With Maximalism in full swing, there’s more opportunity than ever to get creative. So, what colours should you be asking for when it comes to paint swatches and fabric samples?


Broody Blues

As mentioned previously, Maximalism is a huge focus in the interior design world as of late. Included in this is dark, deep blues. This can range from pigmented navy’s to gunmetal blue’s and just about everything in between. These colours are best reserved for well-lit rooms like kitchens for example. Similarly, conservatories, which have plenty of natural light, work wonderfully with these more intense colours. To give an even cosier vibe, look for conservatory blinds in these opulent colours for that final flair of colour.


Forest Fusions

With the focus more on colour this decade, green has been a long-standing choice for many homeowners. In particular, the shift to more natural materials like wood and slate in homes lends itself perfectly to nature inspired aesthetics. If you’re looking to bring the woodland into your home, forest greens and earthy browns are great for creating a stripped back, natural design. Complimenting colours for accents include mustard yellows, burnt oranges and dusky pinks.


Colourful Coral

If you’re big on your décor news you’ll have already heard that Pantone’s colour of the year this year is Living Coral. This beautifully warm shade has golden undertones that really bring life and energy to a room. This colour in particular is great if you’re going for a nautical or beach vibe in your home. You don’t need to commit to a full wall colour if you’re worried about overpowering a room. You can channel this colour in décor accessories like cushions, art and other textiles.


While you’re certainly not restricted to using these colours, they are beautiful tones that are popping up all over the interior design world. Maybe you haven’t redecorated your home since the minimalism craze, in which case, use this as an opportunity to get truly creative with colour in your home and embrace the endless variations at your fingertips!