The real estate agents always say that spring is the best time to sell your home in Calgary. With the snow melting and the air growing warmer, everyone starts to think about new beginnings, so house hunting bookings and sales go through the roof as the leaves to start to grow back. This is good news for sellers who have decided that they’ve spent their last winter in their current home, but it can feel like there is no time to do the big home renovations that will add value and get your house up to selling speed before the spring house-buying season begins.

Fortunately, there are plenty of home renovations that are great for winter that will add plenty of value to your home. All of the following suggestions are renovations that can be done by local Calgary professionals during the winter months that are proven to get your investment back and add value to your home:

  • Sunroom – adding a sunroom is the best winter home renovation project out there. Not only does it add a whole new room to your home, but the big open windows and skylights mean that you’re installing a new central focus for your house; one that potential buyers will go away dreaming about. Because sunrooms can be built directly onto your existing deck, they can be put together in a matter of weeks, and the folks at Desert Sun Patios have plenty of experience of erecting sunrooms in the Calgary winters. The speed and simplicity of the project mean that you’ll get to use the room all winter long, which may change your mind about moving out come spring!
  • Bathrooms – another easy renovation is your bathrooms. Believe it or not, a high-quality bathroom with beautiful faucets and fixings, a tiled floor and modern appliances will make a lasting expression on potential buyers as they will associate a luxury bathroom with a luxury house. Bathroom renovations are perfect for winter as you don’t create any dust that requires doors to be propped open in minus temperatures.
  • Carport – there is nothing worse than having to park your car outside during a Calgary snowstorm; shoveling snow just to get to the car and then having to scrape the ice off feels like a horrible chore to most. Installing a carport is a short term job, but feels like a joyfully added bonus to your potential buyers who will still have scarring memories of trying to get their car out of the snow from the winter. Desert Sun Patio has a range of roofing options to match the outside décor of your home.

The best thing about winter home renovations is that most people don’t see it as the best time of year to fix up your house. This means that you’ll likely get a same-day callback from contractors, and these quick projects can start as soon as you put the deposit down. So don’t delay this winter, call Desert Sun Patios today to start your winter home renovation!