Decorating a new house or apartment is always an exciting opportunity to think about how you can create a space that is welcoming and hospitable while also reflecting who you are. And one of the most interesting trends in homes across Canada and the United States is the renewed interest in using fabrics and textiles to create a sense of comfort.

The tradition of using decorative textiles goes back thousands of years, but in an age when everything seems to be manufactured, hanging fine lacework on the walls and draping hand-made afghans over couches is a wonderful way to reclaim craft as an artform.

If you’re in contemplating a redesign, here are three reasons to incorporate quality knit pieces in the decoration process.

1. DIY Decoration Adds a Personal Touch

Much has already been written about the resurgence of knitting and crochet among Millennials and Gen Z. DIY crafts are a way for people — and especially women — to create meaningful items in a way that is at once functional and artistic.

Going one step further and using knitted items for purposes decoration is a wonderful way to create a living space that is truly personal. Whether in the form of wall hangings, couch covers, or meditative mandalas, knitted items that are made with an expressly artistic purpose provide a wonderful creative challenge.

If you are considering decorating your home with hand-knitted or crocheted pieces, you’ll want to make sure you have the widest range of yarn options available, so consider ordering from an online provider like Yarnspirations that can help you find the perfect materials for your project.

2. Knitted Items are Practical

A beautiful series of knit wall hangings makes a wonderful statement, but the great thing about planning a redecoration around knitted work is that you can extend the motifs to more functional items as well.

Blankets, pillow covers, and furniture slipcovers all serve a practical purpose, and designing them to match other aspects of the décor will create a space that is cozy, coordinated, and creatively bold.

3. It’s the Perfect Blend of Homey and Sophisticated

Most of us probably have a childhood memory of receiving an afghan or pillow cover made by grandmother, aunt, or family friend. As sentimentally important as these items are, they aren’t always designed to match the rest of the room.

Many people are reluctant to incorporate knitted or crocheted items into their design scheme out of a fear that such pieces will clash with the overall aesthetic. But the great thing about creating your own knit decorations is that you can coordinate the room around your personal tastes, giving your home a sense of sophistication without losing the wonderful hominess of hand-knit textiles.

Textiles play a huge role in interior design, and if you’re the kind of person who wants their home to reflect their own sense of creativity and taste, incorporating DIY knit items is a great way to make a space that will be as comfortable as it is beautiful.

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