The right dining table for your home will be a table that’s excellently constructed, works for your budget, has a classic style, and fits your space. Additionally, when buying a good one, there are several factors you need to think about.

First and foremost, you need to be cautious of giving into trends. It might be best to choose a table that’s simple and sturdy than one with many details. Also, construction and stability are crucial when looking for a table.

So, when shopping at furniture stores, inspect for scratches and nicks that might tell you how durable a certain table is. For a little help, below are three tips to consider before buying a dining table for your home.

Be Wary of the Table Bases

The table support, typically a trestle, a pedestal, or legs, can determine how many people can fit at a dining table. You need to ensure that there’s enough leg space, and the table supports are not occupying it.

When shopping for a table at a furniture store, it’s a good idea to sit at it to see if your legs hit the support of the table. Make sure that you have sufficient space for your knees, particularly when you slide all the way in. Also, verify if it’s possible for you to cross your legs under the table.

The frame or apron that supports the tabletop can minimize the space in your room to move around. So, if you often invite guests and you want to be more accommodating, be wary of where the table supports are situated and the leg width.

Generally speaking, a table with corner legs or thinner legs will allow you to put an extra chair in. Take note that a leg table is usually restrained to how long it can be stretched out without inclining in the middle. Other than buying a table at a furniture shop, there are also creative custom metal table bases for sale online.

While you can’t see the table in person, be sure to check the given details to see if it matches your needs.

Measure Your Space

Of course, a dining table should fit your dining area. It is the number one rule! However, keep in mind that a table is much bigger than it looks. That said, you need to consider the space around it as well.

Three feet of space on all sides of the table is ideal so that anyone can sit comfortably and maneuver around the space. By getting the width and length of your dining area, you can determine the size of the dining table you need.

If space is limited, think about a drop-leaf table. This kind of table allows you to customize or modify the table for various sizes and needs.

Look For the Right Materials

It can be a real challenge to choose the material for your table. For the most part, you need to balance your personal style, ease of maintenance, and price to select the right one. Remember that a dining table that is not an excellent fit for any of these factors could mean regret later on.

Wood, veneer, stone, glass, metal, and plastic are some of the common materials. If you opt for wood, go for teak, mango, acacia, or pine. These hardwoods are some of the prominent and affordable options. On the other hand, if you choose veneer or wood-look, search for tables with distinctly-classified core interiors. Take kiln-dried hardwood, for example.

Furthermore, if a stone-made table is your choice, keep in mind that it can crack or chip. And when it happens, it can be almost impossible to mend. Glass tables can undoubtedly last for years. However, if you tend to scratch the tabletop or chip the edges, then a glass tabletop could start to look unpleasant.

If you want something not easily damaged and durable, then a metal tabletop is perfect for you. The good news is that metal tables are more affordable compared to wood tables. Another affordable option is a plastic table. Although it is not reckoned to be an excellent material, plastic can last long.


An excellent, high-quality dining table will be well-made and sturdy, with a finish that exhibits minimal obvious wear and holds out against heavy use. Although the material is a primary part of top-notch construction, a table is just as superior as the legs.

The sturdier the legs are, the longer the dining table will surely last. In addition, do try to avoid buying chairs and tables as a set. It’s better to try out various models. Feel free to choose and combine different but complementary items.

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