Summer time has finally arrived. After spending months indoors because of the coronavirus, you can start to take advantage of the nicer weather and begin to get outdoors some. If your state is still being stricter about the lockdowns, then there might be no better place to spend the summer months than your own backyard.

If you’re someone who is fortunate enough to have a patio or a deck, follow some of the tips below get the most out of your space.

Stain And Seal Your Wood

You want your deck to not only look good, but you also want your wood to remain the highest quality for the longest amount of time possible. One of the best ways to ensure that your deck will continue to look brand new is through staining your deck’s wood and treating it. This will help it to remain resistant to the hot summer sun and it won’t begin to have blisters. Treating it will also make it more water resistant.

Staining the wood on your deck will also make it look newer. If your deck has gone a couple of summers without this treatment, then it’s time for you to take some time and treat the wood.

If you’ve recently stained your deck, then you may want to consider applying some wood brightener. Wood brightener can give the wood a more polished, high-quality look that will be sure to make your deck look newer than ever.

Update Your Deck’s Furniture

Another way to get your deck looking stylish for the summer time is through getting some new patio furniture. This will be sure to give your deck a whole new vibe. If your furniture is newer, consider rearranging its location to mix it up.

If you’re trying to update your deck while being on a budget, consider changing some small pieces that can have a big impact. For example, if you have chairs that have cushions, getting completely new chairs would be expensive, but buying new cushions can be a great way to change the space without breaking the bank.

You could also refurbish some of your furniture pieces if you’re looking to make a change and don’t want to invest in newer items. Wood brightener can also be used on these wood furniture pieces.   This can be a great project to do in your backyard, and then you can reap the benefits of it all summer long (plus you can add it as another new skill from your time in quarantine.)

Redecorate With Smaller Pieces

If you’re going to give your deck a new style, you can also invest in a few smaller items that will change it a lot. Consider getting some lights to string around the top of your deck. This will give it a nice atmosphere at night, especially if you have people over to hang out.

If bugs are a problem, you could also get some new candles that are mosquito repellent. Not only can these look great, but they also can keep pesky pests away.