Who doesn’t enjoy spending a lovely summer evening in the garden, sitting comfortably on a sofa, and sipping a flavorful lemonade? Or maybe you’re the kind of person who wants to move their office outside (especially if you’ve been cooped up at home ever since the pandemic started).

However, in order to enjoy the beautiful summer weather and the blissful comfort provided by your garden, you will need to do a bit of outdoor furniture shopping. Still, the offer is so varied and rich in designs and models that it’s quite easy to overspend on beautiful-looking pieces that may not be a good fit for your backyard.

Therefore, we decided to point out the main three types of outdoor furniture every garden should have. These are basic pieces, that fit most styles, and age well, outside the fleeting nature of trends.

#1: Table & Chairs

This is a classic outdoor furniture set that you’ll usually find in most gardens, regardless of size and material. It’s a practical choice that lets you enjoy a relaxing afternoon with friends and family or get some work done while enjoying a bit of fresh air.

However, it’s important to select a setting that works for your garden. For instance, if you have limited space, it’s best to choose items that are stylish but don’t have a large footprint. On the other hand, if you are blessed with a large garden, it’s a good idea to choose larger chairs, designed for comfort and relaxation.

Lastly, the table should respect your needs. For instance, if you’re only going to use it for coffee breaks or catching up with some work, a low-profile item should be enough. On the other hand, if you plan on having family gatherings and barbeques, it’s best to choose a dining table that can accommodate larger gatherings.

Quick tip: Make sure to check out the best brands, in order to buy stylish, high-end outdoor furniture that won’t start falling apart during the first year of usage.

#2: Sofas or Benches

If the garden space allows it, you may also want to consider a sofa set. This furniture piece is specially designed for relaxation and good times, but it’s a bit difficult to integrate into small and medium-sized gardens. However, if it fits, it’s a great acquisition and it can even replace the table and chairs set (if you’re not that interested in eating outside).

If the space is limited, you may want to install one or two benches. They don’t occupy much space and can be installed anywhere you want in the garden – even under that beautiful roses arch, in the corner of your garden!

A bench provides you with a nice spot to sit and enjoy the summertime without disrupting the harmony of your beloved yard.

#3: Rocking Chair or Swing

Ah, the blissful experience of letting your worries melt away in the summer breeze while slowly rocking back and forth!

A truly relaxing garden must have a rocking chair or a swing (or both) that lets you forget the worries of a workday or fills you with energy, each morning while drinking your coffee.

Quick tip: If you want to take a step forward in your garden relaxation journey, consider getting a suspended seat. Nowadays you can find a wide array of designs created for reading or working on a mobile device while enjoying a bit of fresh air.

Wrap Up

In summary, a well-equipped garden must have an area where you can sit comfortably and enjoy coffee or food with friends and family, and an area dedicated to individual relaxation. In addition, you should also have a shed or a dedicated storage area to store the furniture during the winter or when the weather gets too humid for outdoor lounging.

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