If you own a home in California, you pretty much have a lot of the boxes checked for an ideal home setting. You’ve got the beautiful weather down and you’re always near a beach. If you can bear the crowds, then you can enjoy a day out at Disneyland or Universal. There’s no shortage of entertainment available.

However, theme parks and glorious sunshine can only take you so far, and after a while, your home can start to feel a little tired or uninteresting. Where we live is arguably the place we should be most in love with, so keeping any feelings of dissatisfaction at bay is super important.

We’ve compiled three ways that you can bring your home back to life again. From new installations to simply repainting your walls, there’s an option for every Cali homeowner!

1) Fresh Coat of Paint

This is the easiest option on our list, and potentially the most effective. It is amazing what a fresh coat of paint can do to the interior of your home. Whether you’re changing up the color palette of your rooms or merely giving them a refresher, this simple change can bring a lot to rooms that feel a little lackluster.

Our advice for revamping your home would be to try an entirely new color. Sure, sometimes sticking with what you know can pay off, but taking a chance with a bold color scheme can make all the hard work really feel worthwhile. You don’t want to spend hours redecorating only to feel like your room looks exactly the same as it did before.

2) New Outdoor Decking

If you’re thinking about renovating your garden space, then some outdoor decking is a perfect option to explore. Not only does it provide a whole new look to your garden, but it’s also completely practical. You can use it for more space to host parties by adding a table and chairs or just as a pleasant spot for you to sit that isn’t loaded with insects. You can truly make the most of the Californian sun on your new deck!

Outdoor decking improves the appearance and feel of any outdoor space, and it also makes your garden much easier to maintain. It will often replace grassy spaces that require frequent trimmings. You don’t need to worry about that with decking, it’s fairly self-sustaining, and looks great all year round.

When you choose¬†Los Angeles deck builders¬†you even have the option to use in-built electrical features and plumbing with your deck. With so many amenities, your deck will become your new favorite hangout- a place you’ll never want to leave!

3) Open the Space with Windows

California is notorious for being sunny almost every day. On average, Los Angeles experiences 284 sunny days per year, which makes Cali one of the brightest places to live. With this in mind, the last thing you want to do is shut yourself up in a darkened room where walls make up 80% of your surroundings.

Though it’s a pricier option than a new coat of paint (by quite a wide margin), opening up space in your home by reformatting or adding new windows can make an incredible difference to the overall feel of your property. It can make rooms seem much bigger than they are, and provide you with a whole new perspective of your surroundings.

Bottom Line

There are so many ways you can breathe life back into your home if you think it feels a little flat; these are just a few. Furniture arrangement or a decorative overhaul can also make a significant difference. Don’t be afraid to get creative!