When it comes to styling your home, net curtains can be an incredibly versatile tool. They let you manage the amount of light that comes into your home, without totally blocking it. They can also be used to provide a certain level of privacy, stopping people from peering into ground floor rooms while still letting sunlight in.

Net curtains are more than simply utilitarian though, they can be highly stylish. Here, we take a look at our three favourite ways of styling net curtains, to help you on your home styling journey.

1.  Keep it simple – go white

Net curtains can be incredibly elegant – if you want something that goes with almost any aesthetic, a simple and easy option is to use a plain white voile. You can either choose one with a slight pattern, or if you want to keep it really simple, you can go with a patternless solution.

Often, it can be a good idea to keep your net curtain styling simple in a room that’s already full of stylistic decoration. A bright, patterned option could throw off the balance of the room in these cases, while a subtle shade won’t interfere too much at all.

2.  Brighten things up – mix your colours

If you want to mix things up a little, and brighten up your space, then you can always use a mix of different colours on the same curtain rail. If you’re going to go with this look, it’s often a good idea to do something called colour blocking.

This means paying careful attention to the colours you use, both in how they’ll relate to one another and in how much of each colour you’ll use. A simple way of doing this is by referring to a colour wheel.

On the wheel, you can take a primary colour (such as yellow for example), and then find a colour that will complement it, go to the opposite side of the wheel (purple in this case). Often, people advise not matching colours that are next to one another on the colour wheel (following this example, that would mean not pairing yellow with bright orange) as they can jar with one another.

3.  Separating spaces – use them as dividers

While net curtains are generally used to cover windows, that’s not their only possible use. If you want to divide up space in your home, but you don’t want to hang heavy curtains or build a dividing wall, net curtains can be a great alternative.

This might be if you have an open plan space and want separate areas to work in, or simply to provide a sense of privacy at times. Net curtains can facilitate a soft division of space, without making it feel like it’s boxed up too harshly.

These are just three examples of thousands of different styling options when it comes to net curtains. You can get as creative as you like – play around, and see how their softness can transform the feeling of your home.

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