When we think of beautiful home decoration, we most often think of beautifully detailed suburban mansions, or luxury penthouse apartments. However, there are millions of people who don’t live in highly populated areas. We think it’s time to show appreciation for exterior home decoration in rural areas, or what many of us lovingly refer to as “the country.”

Living in the country isn’t all about the farmhouse aesthetic, either. There are many styles you should consider for your rural home! Here are 4 of the best exterior decorating ideas to try:

1) The Fence

We’ve all dreamed of a white picket fence in front of our homes at some point. Indeed, rural homes are the perfect opportunity to bring home the perfect fence. Since many people in the country have more land than their suburban counterparts, there is a lot more real estate to protect.

The website sells and installs fences that protect against deer. People who live in the country encounter more deer than the average person. A deer fence is the perfect solution for those who want an aesthetically pleasing fence that also has an important function.

2) The Pool

As we mentioned before, those living in rural areas have more space outside than suburban and city folk do. Why not fill this space with an in-ground pool? You’ll have the ability to choose its size and depth, as well as the style of tile you’d like in and around it. A pool helps the exterior of your home look more luxurious, while also serving as the perfect solution for a hot summer’s day.

Many people also opt for a natural pool rather than a chlorinated one. The trend started in Europe but is now making its way to the United States. Gravel and aquatic plants are used to naturally filter the pool water. This kind of pool doesn’t steal attention from the natural rural landscape. It’s also an eco-friendly alternative to chemically filtered pools!

3) Outside Lighting

One drawback to country living is the lack of outside lighting, like streetlamps. To combat this, you can install lanterns around your home, like up the driveway or flanking your front door. This way, anyone can appreciate your decorations in the middle of the day or at night.

Fairy lights are becoming another popular alternative to lanterns. Stringing them up around the natural elements in your backyard can transform your home into a place straight out of a fairy tale. You can even find weather-resistant extension cords so you can place them anywhere in the backyard!

4) Landscaping

Homeowners in suburban areas are often praised for manicured lawns and well-placed bushes. For rural neighborhoods, it’s another story. A mowed lawn can look out of place next to a natural landscape. That’s why you should consider keeping most of your natural yard intact.

Plant new trees native to your area alongside the trees and bushes that are already growing. You can use these supplemental trees to create an organized look, while still maintaining the beautiful wild look we all love. Landscaping this way helps the environment and protects native animal species in and around your yard!

Bottom Line

Just because you live in a small town doesn’t mean your house has to seem antique. It’s easy to stand out in the country with a beautiful home you can call your own!

Embracing natural elements can elevate any style in your home. Thinking about native plant and animal species when deciding on your exterior design will keep visitors impressed with your attention to form AND function.