When you’re working on the decor of your kitchen, you might be wondering what you can do to make things look clean, classy, and expensive, ideally without spending too much. The following will explore a few tips and tricks you can employ in your kitchen to help things look more expensive.

Countertop Material

The material a countertop is made out of is one of the most integral parts of how expensive a kitchen looks. Something that’s earthy and textured like stone or marble can look really snazzy. For a hint of sparkle, you might also be interested in quartz from Francostone; these materials can communicate wealth and value much more than alternative options. If you’re going to spend in one area of your kitchen and have the whole space look expensive, the countertop is probably going to be it.

Neutral Cupboards And Cabinets

While statement decor is part of good design, your cupboards and cabinets shouldn’t be the place you do this. Stick with a simple, neutral color or wood grain. Often, fairer colored cabinets are preferred by homebuyers and interior designers as it’s easier to tell if they’re clean. Some real estate agents have even found that painting cupboards white has a positive effect on the sale price of a home.

Include Plants

You don’t need to be growing all your own herbs, but having a few plants in the kitchen can create a lively, earthly feeling which can look really put together. As a bonus, plants clean the air of toxins and oxygenate it. This results in your mood and energy levels being boosted when you’re in the same room. The proper decor is just as much about how a space feels as how it looks, and infusing your space with life is one of the best ways to positively influence how you and others feel when in your kitchen. You can even select fragranced options to add a delicious herb scent to your kitchen.

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Lighting Is Vital

There’s a reason homes in magazines look so good that you might not have thought about. Yes, the decorative elements are high-quality, but also photographers know how to work with light to present everything in the best way possible. More natural light makes spaces feel airy and gives you a healthy boost of vitamin D, which improves your mood and boosts your immune system. Natural light is generally considered the most beautiful of lights, which means you might want to keep curtains open (and maybe even place a mirror opposite a window to multiply the light you have). Beyond this, you want to keep your kitchen windows spotless so that the light isn’t filtered by dirt or grime.

Once you’ve got natural light maximized, you might want to change out your lightbulbs. A slight change in lightbulb tone can radically alter your space. There are a ton of different lightbulb shades that might work with your kitchen; take time to think about whether you want cool-toned light, which can create feelings of freshness and cleanliness, or warm-toned light, which can cultivate feelings of coziness and warmth. As a bonus, you can seek out energy-efficient options to help curtail your utilities each month.

The above list should have given you a few ideas of changes you can make to your kitchen that will increase how valuable it looks. Sometimes a little tweak can make a big difference.

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