For many families, their shed was built to house garden furniture and tools and to perform a solely storage function. However, your shed can be much more than just another storage facility, and there are many ways to make your shed an enticing and desirable space for your family to relax and enjoy, and which can add more space onto your home.

  1. De-clutter

As most sheds are used as outdoor storage for unused garden equipment and tools, sheds can often become messy and disorganised if you do not take the time to organise them efficiently. In order to make your shed a welcoming place for your family, it is important that you are able to de-clutter by throwing out all of the items which are out of date and which you do not use anymore.

You can also de-clutter by installing ample storage facilities into your shed such as racking and shelving or overhead storage which can keep your tools out of the way and maximise the spatial capacity of the room. When choosing this, however, you should make sure that these storage units are durable enough to withstand outdoor conditions such as extreme temperatures and damp.

  1. Transform Your Shed Into Another Room

Rather than use your shed solely for storage, have you ever thought about turning your shed into another room? By extending your living space into your shed, you can add to the space in your house and give yourself an extra room for your family to use and enjoy. Popular options for transforming sheds into other rooms include studies, games and entertainment rooms and workshops. Their advantage of being away from the main house gives your family the opportunity to use them for activities that make a lot of noise, have the potential to disrupt the rest of the house, need a lot of equipment, or which need a peaceful atmosphere to be completed, such as work.

  1. Expand Your Shed

To make your shed suitable for family use, one of the first practical steps which you should consider is whether your shed needs an expansion. As long as your shed does not exceed four metres in height and is used for personal purposes only, you will be able to expand your shed without legal planning permission to create a usable room for all the family. You should also consider the advantages of building a shed with sturdier materials than wood, such as using brick or materials that have been specially treated to prevent mould.

  1. Create a Relaxing Outdoor Living Space

You should also make sure that the area around your shed is welcoming and appealing as this can help to encourage your family to make full use of it. You can turn your garden into an outdoor living space by adding accessories to your shed or investing in garden equipment such as a barbecue and stereo and by installing electricity to your shed. To make your shed accessible, consider building an accessible path or stepping stones through your garden to enable your family to access it in poor weather conditions or winter.