Creating a space dedicated to gaming in your own home is a dream many people have, but unless you plan it out carefully before you get started, it could look a bit of a mess.

With that in mind, here are a handful of interior design tips that should ensure your gamer’s man cave is aesthetically pleasing as well as practical.

Consider color

RGB lighting is a mainstay of modern gaming PCs and peripherals, so it makes sense to also take color into account in the rest of the room.

This is not just about making your man cave easy on the eye, but also about remembering how color has a role to play in influencing your moods and emotions, as explained by Lighter colors like blues and greens can be more relaxing, while deeper reds and yellows can be more intense and even stress-inducing.

To make your equipment and peripherals pop, it can make sense to opt for neutral colors on the walls and then use LED light strips to add ever-changing, mood-enhancing colors while you play.

Don’t forget about dimensions

Splashing out on a huge gaming desk or choosing a monster entertainment center to house your consoles and display of choice might seem like the best option, but if the dimensions of the room do not accommodate the furniture you order, it could end up feeling cramped and looking preposterous.

Because of this, measuring your man cave carefully and using the dimensions to inform your interior design choices is an essential step.

Even if you do not have a lot of space to work with, there are still ways to optimize your use of it. Integrated shelving, for example, is worth looking into so that your storage needs are met.

 Art will spruce up bland wall space

Your gaming room does not just have to be designed to enhance your interactive entertainment experiences; there is also plenty of opportunity for adding color and catching the eye of visitors through the artwork you add to the walls.

Whether you opt for framed posters of your favorite game franchises from throughout history, or choose a more esoteric option with light panels that have become a craze thanks to streamers in recent years, what you put on your walls can give your man cave real personality.

Choose a chair that suits your style and body type

Your gaming chair will be the centerpiece of your man cave, yet this is another area in which it can be tempting to save a few pennies, at the expense of style and build quality.

Thankfully gaming chairs have evolved significantly in recent years, with brands like SecretLabs overcoming some of the more adolescent-themed aesthetic touches of the past to offer customers styles that are a bit more refined and subtle.

Also consider the size and shape of the gaming chair you order, as going too large or too small for your body type could lead to discomfort, or make your room seem cluttered.

Finally, remember that you can always put your own stamp on your gaming room, and sometimes standing out from the crowd is a good thing.