When you want to decorate or redecorate your home, you will spend a lot of time contemplating about how to use the space you have. If you are creative, you will have a lot of ideas in your head and you’ll slowly start dismissing some of them and keeping the others. Unless you are a professional designer, however, even your greatest ideas will have some faults in it.

Nobody can be better at  interior design projects than actual interior designers. Their work will always be more professional and more eye-appealing than the work of the most creative person who has never had experience with design. We have to face the facts that there are a lot of things those experts know that us laymen simply cannot know.

It’s perfectly normal that you cannot expect anyone to be better at making the inside area of your home look amazing than the people who were educated and trained for it. Everyone strives to be an expert in what they do, whatever the line of business might be. The same goes for interior designers. Nobody can know the intricacies of this job such as the professionals.

This means that the professionals must have at least a few tricks up their sleeves. You cannot expect them to reveal all their secrets to you. After all, magicians never reveal their tricks. How much these experts know shows in the work they do. You’ll look at a design and decide that it is beautiful even if you cannot tell why.

Designers can definitely tell why, but they are highly unlikely to share that with you. They have to keep their visions to themselves and we have to accept that. Even though they are hesitant to talk about the tricks of their work, they sometimes do let certain things slip. Thanks to that, I can share a few interior design tricks with you today. Remember, these don’t serve to help you decorate on your own, but rather to help you cooperate perfectly with the designer you choose.

If you’re on a tight-budget, here’s something to help you make your home look perfect:

2-3 4 Interior Design Tricks Experts Won’t Tell You

#1 Know How To Place Artwork

People seem to think that they have made their home more beautiful the minute they have bought a piece of art. While artwork really does do wonders for the appearance of a room, it’s important to know how to place it correctly. Otherwise, you’ll have a beautiful piece of art hanging in your room, but it will only make it look uglier.

The trick is not to go too high. Place the artwork only a couple of inches above your furniture. Smaller pieces can go a bit higher, but make sure to keep the bigger pieces lower. Usually, it’s best not to go higher than 8 inches for any type of artwork. If you go too high, everyone’s eyes will focus on the big, blank void and it won’t look appealing at all.

#2 Know How To Place Books

If you have beautiful bookshelves, you just need to add a little spark to those in order to add to the appeal of a room. People usually tend to arrange their books vertically and by height. This looks like it’s been done by a military commander and it doesn’t look that great. Instead, you should arrange around 60% of the books vertically and then lay the rest in a horizontal position. This makes everything look nice and balanced, but it adds a bit of spontaneity to it.

#3 Mirrors Can Make Your Place Look Bigger

Did you know that mirrors don’t serve only one purpose? They are made to help you take a look at yourself, but as you can see here, they can help you decorate a room perfectly. In fact, there is one little trick to help you create an illusion of bigger space with mirrors. Just place them opposite a window and watch the magic happen.

#4 Dining Table Size Matters

The size of your dining table plays a significant role in making your place look amazing. If you are tight on space, you should always opt for a round table, because it will open up the room and make everything look less crowded. Unlike what you might think, round tables offer a lot more eating space.