You’ve heard of all the common ways to dress up your walls such as paint, wallpaper, ceramic tiles or wooden ones. All of these are fantastic options – but they’re used by pretty much everyone. Your home will be nice, but it won’t look like anything special. So, to make your interior stand out from your average home, you may want to look at these not-so-common tips on how to decorate your walls.

  1. Vinyl Records

1 4 Not So Common Ways How to Dress Up Your Walls

Do you have any old vinyl records laying around that you are no longer using? Maybe you have a whole stash in your attic that has been catching dust – all because your heart did not let you throw them away. Well, you may use those vinyl records to decorate your walls.

Think beyond classy paintings hung up on the wall. You may either secure them with nails or, if you want, you may go for some double-sided tape. The latter will protect both the records and the wall from being damaged. That being said, as long as good paint has been used over the wall, it won’t be chipped off.

If the names or labels of the records are not that impressive, or if they are of bands and musical types that you are not particularly fond of, then you may want to get your acrylic paint out and start painting. Look at the color scheme of your room and match that. Or, if you are feeling more on the “artsy” side, do your own mini painting over the label. Once you are done making those vinyl records in the way that you want them, you may proceed to hang them on the wall.

  1. Carpets and Rugs

2 4 Not So Common Ways How to Dress Up Your Walls

If you thought that carpets only went on the floor, you are utterly mistaken. A nice carpet can easily decorate your walls. You just need to make sure that you take the right kind of carpet. For example, a heavy carpet will be very difficult to handle. Moreover, there is a chance that it won’t be able to stick to the wall. Even with some strong nails, the wall won’t be able to hold up under the weight.

This is why you should go for lightweight carpets that are easier to carry and put up. For example, a Persian carpet might be a more suitable choice here in comparison to the standard fluffy carpets that we have nowadays. Not only are they more lightweight, but they also tend to be more colorful in comparison to your average carpet.

If you already have a Persian carpet that you decided to put into storage, you may want to first take it to a carpet cleaning company. It is much better to leave this task to professionals, as they will use the right detergents and cleaning methods to ensure the rug looks in its best shape. Plus, these carpets are typically large (not to mention fragile), so not only do you avoid a mess, but you can also prevent damaging them.

The last thing that you want is to take the dirt that you had on your floor and plaster it on your wall. So, to make sure it doesn’t dirty up your pretty walls (which will require repainting), have it cleaned first.

  1. Post-Its

3 4 Not So Common Ways How to Dress Up Your Walls

Yes, it might sound weird at first, but if you have access to various colorful post-its, you can allow your imagination to go crazy here. You may plaster them randomly over the whole wall, getting a very colorful and vibrant room corner, or you may decide to get a little more creative.

Think of the post-its as your paint. Let your imagination go wild and create something nice from those post-its. You can choose a great tree, a splash of color – or any model that you believe might be suitable for the room. The good news here is that you can easily take them off or simply rearrange them if you want a color change.

  1. Wrapping Paper

4 4 Not So Common Ways How to Dress Up Your Walls

If you want to get the vibe of wallpaper on your walls but you cannot afford to go for full-blown wallpaper, then you may opt for wrapping paper instead. You may expose it in frames, or you may glue the pieces of wrapping paper on by using double-sided tape.

The advantage of this kind of wall decoration is that, unlike traditional wallpaper, it can be removed quite easily. As a result, if you ever get tired of the design, you may simply take the wrapping paper off and give it a new layer of paint.

Final Thoughts

The rule of thumb here is that as long as the wall is flat enough, you can stick anything to it. We mentioned vinyl records, carpets, post-it designs, and wrapping paper, but there is a multitude of options to go for. You may cover the entire thing with posters, for example. You may go for a wall full of pictures. Just let your imagination go wild and allow it to decorate your home.

Tony is the CEO of Love Your Rug – Canada’s largest rug cleaning & restoration facility. Apart from successfully leading his team, Tony loves to share professional advice on how to give a fresh look to carpets, rugs and peoples homes. He is an industry leader and authority in area rug restoration.