Most people don’t know precisely where the boundaries of their property are. Land surveys are essential in determining property boundaries. The studies help guarantee that you build structures on land that you own. Professional surveyors use transits and theodolites, digital systems of electronic waves and reflectors, types of telescopes, and mathematical calculations to locate the limits of the land. Also, the experts rely on global positioning systems that use satellite and advanced math to calculate boundary lines for maps. The calculations provide crucial information to establish boundaries and map the paths for highways, railroads, utility lines, and transit systems. A survey will show you exactly how much space you have and what improvements can be made on the land without breaking any laws. The following are some of the most important reasons you should have your property surveyed by professional surveyors.

1.  Determine boundary lines

Determining property lines is the most common reason why property owners seek the services of a licensed land surveyor. Before you build a fence or pave your driveway, the legal boundaries of occupancy or possession are crucial pieces of information that you must have. In most instances, the surveys indicate that one party, either you or your neighbor, was operating under the wrong assumption. Before carrying out any building activity on your property, you first need to make sure that it will be built on your property and not your neighbor’s. Also, boundary line certification will let you know whether the legal description of your property is accurate.

2.  Selling and buying property.

Before buying or selling any property, conduct a land survey to confirm maps included in title reports done during the property transfer process have accurate information. Also, lenders usually require Calgary residential surveys to avoid confusion about boundary lines and confirm property lines for a new mortgage loan on the parcel. Additionally, most sellers pay for property surveys before putting a home on the market. Sales information should be accurate to allow the seller time to resolve any boundary disputes before completing a sale.

3.  Construction projects

Many areas have legal limits known as setbacks, which means the builder must allow a certain number of feet between the property line and any building or home addition. Land surveyors use advanced equipment to map the precise measurements of the property. Also, some parcels of land have easements, which island aside for the use of others. Although the land belongs to the state or utility companies, landowners take care of the easement land but have no right to use the land for permanent buildings. A survey will help you determine accurate boundaries for any property easements. Since walls and fences typically run along property lines, a land survey will dictate where to build. Of course, you want to construct a wall on your property and not on your neighbor’s land. You can decide to split the costs of a shared fence, and a survey will ensure that you build directly on the property line.

4.  Boundary disputes and subdivision

2-4 4 Reasons Why You Should Have Your Property Surveyed

To avoid disputes arising from matters such as the right to remove trees or divert sources of water, it is vital you carry out a land survey. Also, when property owners question responsibilities for maintaining properties and disputes over legal boundaries, surveys help you answer the questions arising. For example, you might use a neighboring parcel of land for a driveway. However, when the property gets sold to a new owner, the everyday use agreements are lost. You will need a land survey to address the issue. Before subdividing a parcel of land into small plots for a new commercial center or housing development, developers constantly survey the land. Even though your property is for residential purposes, you need to have it analyzed before subdividing the ground. Consult with local authorities for directions since most cities require new parcels of land to have a certain number of square feet to qualify for a new structure permit.

Most people often overlook the importance of property surveys. Even if a survey was done on a property at one time, the survey might be lost during periods that the property has changed ownership. Conduct surveys to ensure that your new development meets local codes for building permits to avoid getting into any legal trouble. Professional boundary surveyors are the only people trained and licensed to determine property lines. A qualified land surveyor will provide you with a legal document to prove boundary lines and other structures on your property. Never forget that when you survey your land, you will be able to make decisions without any doubts of legality. You will be more comfortable and stress-free.

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