Do you love gardening?

And do you have a curious kid who always wants to know more about what his/her parent(s) are doing with the plants?

Well, in that case, this may be time for you to introduce your little one to gardening.

Yes, you and your kid(s) will have lots of fun, plus they’ll get to learn about a beautiful life form that they can cultivate for a greener future. So, let’s go for it and during your garden fun+learning session(s), keep the following things in mind.

1. Take It Slow

The first thing that you must realize about your kids is that in spite living in the same home as a gardening enthusiast (yes, you), they may not know a lot about gardening.

And to make sure that they gather some knowledge out of what you say, you’ll have to go slow.

Start with small steps. Don’t go on introducing a full-fledged garden on day 1. Yes, they may ask about it, and you can politely answer about the senior grade that they may eventually move on to.

But apart from that, talk about things that are easier for them to grasp and understand.

For example, you can start off with a growing jar. All you’ll need to do is take a medium-sized jar. Keep a damp paper towel inside it, and between the towel and the jar, you can place a few dry beans.

Now, this, when exposed to mild sunlight and small quantities of water every few days, will encourage the beans to sprout and grow.

This will be easy to understand for your little ones, plus it will boost their confidence.

2. Tell Them About Gardening In Pots

Once you’ve made them aware of how beans sprout up and grow, you must be ready to introduce them to gardening in pots.

We know, a large backyard or plot of land isn’t necessary for gardening. You can also place some pots on your rooftop or balcony and nurture them.

And your kids would love these small plants.

You can even sow strawberries and cherry tomatoes in these pots.

3. Let Your Child Choose The Plants

Yes, your child may not know about the plants that can be grown in the soil that’s available to you.

But that’s okay. At least we can listen to their interest plants and move ahead with the ones that can be brought to life with the available resources.

This way, your kids will be more enthused and more focused on learning as they’ll be working to keep their choice of plant growing.

If they are having a tough time deciding, you can also show them this list of the best plants for beginner gardeners by Purple Flower.

4. Make Sure They Are Having Fun

Your young kids wouldn’t have asked you about gardening looking for a classroom lecture. They have it every day for five days a week.

So, please don’t give them that or they may start feeling the same way about gardening, as they think about school.

Instead, encourage them to have fun. Let them out in the dirt. Get messy with them. Dig in with your hands. Give them challenges. Compete with them, and yes, help them win. All of this can encourage your child to develop an interest in gardening.

Final words

Introducing your kids to gardening can either be a great experience or one massive brainer that may exhaust you. The best you can do is take notes of important things before beginning your session, and you’ll see how easy it can be.

In this post, we talked about four such pointers. Hopefully, this was helpful.