Once the kids have flown the coop and you’re enjoying your home all to yourself, you’ll find you have a lot more time to enjoy life. However, you might not want to spend all of that extra time taking care of a large home. If you’re growing tired of the hustle and bustle of the city, and you no longer need all the space of your city home, moving to a smaller town and a smaller space may be the perfect fit.

If you’re getting ready to find a new home, here are 4 things every empty nester should consider to get the most out of their new space.

1. Consider a Smaller, Customizable Space

If you’re thinking of downsizing, be sure to take a look at customizable bungalows. Stairs can start to become hard to negotiate, so having everything on one floor is a great way to make sure your entire home stays accessible to you in the future. Other things you can consider adjusting is the size of your shower, baths, and closets. As you customize your new home, be sure to keep your ability to stay independent and mobile in mind.

2. Keep Up with Modern Design Trends

Moving into a new home means you can update your style and enjoy modern trends. The benefits of working with a new custom home builder means you can design the interior of your home just the way you want. When you choose your windows, remember that big and bold is in. You want more light, so casement or picture windows will give you the best bang for your buck.

Most modern homes will have an open layout, so you’ll want to fill the space with eye-catching details. Consider a feature wall to draw the eyes of your guests.

And when you choose your colour palette, remember that vibrancy will energize your home. Yellows and greys are in this year, and these colours can go a long way toward brightening your space.

3. Enjoy the Outdoors

Research has shown a strong connection between spending time in nature and better mental health. Despite this, North Americans and Europeans spend an astounding 90% of their lives indoors. To make it easier to spend more time outside, your new home should have an outdoor patio or porch, as well as a back yard large enough to allow for gardening and landscaping. Not only will an outdoor patio make it easier for you to host visitors, but fostering a garden will make you feel more connected to the space you’re in.

4. Stay Connected to Family

Many smaller homes are designed to be flexible, allowing you to use one room in multiple ways. These multi-use rooms let you easily accommodate visiting family members, making it easier to stay connected. A multi-use den, for example, can be your hobby room or a small office by day, but can be converted for use as a guest bedroom when your family comes for an overnight stay. Just because your living space is smaller, doesn’t mean that you have to settle for less.

If you’re ready to make the move to a more modern, customizable space, hopefully these tips will be helpful as you take the plunge.

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