Summer is one of the best seasons to spend outdoors, and no, you don’t have to go far because merely spending time on your yard already counts. One of the common activities during this time is grilling and getting together with your friends and family over a barbecue. Thereby, it is a good idea that before the season kicks in, you check on your grill to ensure that it is fully functional and ready to yield the dishes you have in mind. To do so, below are some of the tips on how you can properly clean and maintain your grill.

Cleaning Tip #1: Before Using Your Grill

Before you use your grill, make sure that you thoroughly clean its burner and tubes. Check that the propane tank is turned off before you take out the briquettes and cooking grates. Make sure to wash the interior and the exterior of the grills too but cover the gas valves with aluminum foil to protect it from corrosion. Also, clean the cooking grates and replenish your propane or natural gas as necessary.

Cleaning Tip #2: Once You Are Done Using Your Grill

After using your grill, make sure to burn off the grease and clean the cooking grates as well. Also, clean the burner and tubes with warm and soapy water. After this, you can use a towel to dry it out. You can do the same procedure in cleaning your grills but you may need to use a stiff wire-grill brush for this one.

Maintenance Tip #1: Cover It Up

One of the ways to maintain your grill is by covering it up when you are not going to use it after the grilling season is over. The grill enthusiasts behind suggest that you exert the extra effort in finding the best grill cover for your equipment because you don’t have to always go for a brand cover that is the same as your grill. If you explore your options well, you will have the opportunity to save a hefty sum on your purchase. Just keep in mind to go for a waterproof cover to help protect your grill from outdoor elements such as heavy rains, snow, the sun’s ultraviolet rays, or even dust and other airborne particles.

Maintenance Tip #2: Routine Check for Propane Leaks

Another way to maintain your grill is by checking whether it has any propane leaks at least once a month. To do this, you need to run some soapy water along the gas line and connections, but you need to be careful because this should be done with the propane turned on. Bubbles forming is an indication that there is a leak, which entails the need for you to tighten the connection.

barbecue-3419713_1280 4 Tips to Clean and Maintain your Grill

In conclusion, make sure that you are properly cleaning and maintaining your grill so that it would be ready for the grilling season, or typically whenever you need it to be. This will ensure that it is not only fully functional, but you are guaranteed that the foods you put in it are grilled to perfection.