The bathroom is a vital room in your house. We can even term it the most impressionable room in your home. No matter how beautiful your house is, you cannot do without a bathroom. However, few people pay specific attention to the look of their bathroom, yet it holds the house’s reputation.

Think about it this way. You visit a restaurant reputed for having delicious food and great interior atmosphere and design. However, when you visit their washrooms, you find them dirty, disorganized, and generally unpleasant to use. What impression will that give you about this great restaurant? You might even doubt the cleanliness of the food they produce.

This same impression carries to how your bathrooms can leave a feeling to your guests about you and your home. So, let us look for simple ways we can spruce up and organize our bathrooms.

Install a Ventilation Exhaust Fan

Some bathrooms are windowless and thus do not allow for the escape of moisture. The result? A damp bathroom that never fully freshens up due to a lack of incoming or outgoing air. You need to install a ventilation exhaust fan to remove odor and moisture that assist mold multiplying on your walls, plumbing, and ceiling. Approach a professional like the one that does a bathroom exhaust fan installation in Dover, MA to make your bathroom cool, stylish, and comfortable. You don’t want to come out of it a hot sweaty mess.

Upgrade Bathroom Tiles without Replacing Them.

bat2 4 Tips to Spruce Up Your Bathroom on a Budget

Are your bathroom tiles looking old? The first route to follow is to have a deep clean on your bathroom tiles and grout. You can use a home cleaning mixture of vinegar, baking soda, and a non-abrasive brush like a toothbrush to remove the grime and dirt stuck in the grout and tiles. For a stronger solution, store-bought limescale removers will help you achieve cleaner and brighter-looking bathroom tiles.

A second way to brighten your bathroom is to paint its tiles with paint specifically designed for tiles and resistant to mold. If you have areas that have chipped or crumbling grout, consider replacing the old grout with new grout.

Do you live in an apartment that does not allow you to make construction changes? You don’t have to worry. The market has a waterproof adhesive flooring that is removable at the end of the stay. These tiles can last for 20 years and come in many colors. Place your chosen tiles on top of the existing tiles, and have a completely new flooring look.

Accessories Your Bathroom

Change the taps and handles of the sinks, toilet flush handle, cabinet handle, towel holder, and shower curtain rod to contrast the color of your bathroom. Install a floating shelf with two or three shelves above your toilet to display your well-placed bathroom accessories. The floating shelf can match the color of the handles.

Bring art into your bathroom with a moisture-resistant painting, backdrop wallpaper, carpets, or rugs.

Bring in Greenery

Does your bathroom have space for plants without crowding your bathroom? Use a plant or plants to add decor to your restroom. Use potted or air plants. Air plants do not need soil to grow and blossom. They take in moisture through their leaves and can last for over two years, as they are perennial plants. The bathroom is warm and humid and provides the best atmosphere for the growth of plants. Having a few plants in your bathroom brings some fresh outdoors into your space.


There are plenty of ideas to spruce up your bathroom. Remember to keep it clean, moisture-free, and organized after every shower. After all, it reflects much on your home. Take some time to research the look you want to achieve for your bathroom. The internet is at your fingertips and has very many ideas. Select the design that best reflects you. Shop around for items and accessories that fit your budget.


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