Indoor plants have proven to help relieve stress, increase focus, productivity, and creativity, not to mention the scientific effect of improving air quality in your home. The Swiss cheese plant, Devil’s Ivy, and Mass cane are some of the most common types of indoor plants.

When sorted and placed beautifully, indoor plants can add an aesthetic and dramatic effect to your home, office, or other indoor environments. Check out some of the unique ways to decorate with indoor plants to add that beautiful effect to your environment.

1.  Stand-alone Plants In An Open Area

Bird of paradise, Dragon tree, and Norfolk island pine are large and beautiful indoor plants that can stand alone and add that dramatic effect when used in an open area in your home. When used in closed spaces or smaller rooms, they tend to fill up the room and suck the beauty right out of it.

2.  Plant Gangs

Plant gang is a term I heard someone use to classify a collection of indoor plants. When placing plants in a collection, it is good to add various types, sizes, and colors. Colorful plants make beautiful scenery, especially when used against a white background. Pink Polka Dot Plant, Polka Dot Begonia, and Coleus are examples of colorful plants that will make a beautiful collection. In terms of plant sizes, mixing up tall plants and other shorter plants will make a fierce plant gang in a wide-spaced room. If you are in Australia, you can also use an indoor plant hire service and create a collection with a variety of indoor plants. Using just one type of plant in a collection can produce boring scenery and atmosphere. When creating a collection, it is important to keep in mind that the plants in a collection should complement each other to project beauty; otherwise, you might just be making a mess.

3.  Centre Plants

pl2 4 Unique Ways To Decorate With Indoor Plants

A center plant arrangement is when you have one large plant, and you place it in the center of some smaller plants. In this case, you can still project uniformity in the choice of flower pots and stand that you choose. You can choose plant pots from a collection, so they’re all similar. Place these accent plants in a prominent place in a room, and it will be the center of attraction. Some examples of plants used as center plants are Large Ficus, Cacti, and Yucca plants.

4.  Wall Plants

You can mix geometry, artistry, and greenery to create a beautiful yet simple aesthetic scenery with your indoor plants. Investing time and money in buying or making some beautiful wall plants can take your indoor environment to the next level. You can make use of wooden, plastic, or ceramic wall planters, depending on your preference. Your wall planters can also be attached to the wall or hang casually against the wall. The major advantage of wall planters is that they save floor space, so you have your beautiful plants without taking up space that can be used for other pieces of furniture.

Plant decoration seems like a rather simple task. Still, to create the perfect environment and scenery, you should pay attention to details while using the tips above for inspiration on decorating ideas.

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