You may have seen some uninvited guests of various sizes and species roaming around your house, and putting your family and possessions in jeopardy. Do not worry because you are not the only one suffering from this problem as almost every homeowner in the world has faced the problem of pests in his life.

Some pests like flies and aunts are comparatively benign and you can afford to shrug off their presence. On the other hand, there are some species like termites and bed bugs that must be eliminated immediately. Another one of such species is the scorpion whose venom can be incredibly toxic and its presence must be addressed immediately by calling a professional exterminator for scorpions. We have discussed here four ways of getting rid of scorpions so that you find yourself better placed to solve this problem.

Get rid of all the pests in your home:

Pests are attracted to the houses where they can get a constant supply of food and a scorpion’s favorite meal constitutes all the commonly found pests in your home. Therefore, eliminating scorpions means that you have to eliminate most of the pests in your home, and you can only do that by making your place less attractive and inaccessible. Therefore, make sure that you do not leave any crumbs or food on your kitchen shelf or dining table because it is an open invitation for pests. Moreover, various pests like cockroaches and rodents even attack the food rotting in the garbage bin, so do not forget to take out the garbage frequently.

Use neem oil:

Neem oil has proven to be an incredibly effective remedy in getting rid of scorpions on a long term basis. Neem oil makes their hormones run wild, which prevents them from consuming any food. As a result, the reproductive cycle of scorpions gets considerably disturbed and they find themselves incapable of laying eggs. You can simply make a neem oil emulsion by mixing neem oil with water in a spray bottle. Shake it well and then spray the mixture on the potential habitats of scorpions both outdoors and indoors.

Go scorpion hunting:

If you are wary of a scorpions’ presence in your home, the best time to hunt them is after the sunset because they get most active at night. Get an ultraviolet torch to locate scorpions because their exoskeletons glow in the dark. Wear safety boots, and take a long pointed iron rod while going on the hunt. Be extra cautious in places that get the least amount of light because scorpions are most likely to be found in the darkest corners of your home. Use the sturdy sole of your boots or the iron rod to exterminate them.

Use no-kill traps:

If you do not have the stomach to kill the scorpions, you can capture them the same way as mice with the help of non-toxic traps. Make sure that you pick the right ones because these traps can have a lot of toxic chemicals. Moreover, you can use the catch and release method while you go for scorpion hunting at night. Once you locate a scorpion, put a long glass jar over it carefully and ensure a safe distance while doing it. Once trapped, slide a piece of sturdy plastic or cardboard under the mouth of the jar and turn it upside down. You can then release the scorpion in its natural habitat where it can prove to be beneficial in getting rid of various troublesome insects.