Understanding how using solar lights contributes to a greener planet and how it can help reduce next month’s light bill is excellent, but it does not answer the ‘HOW’ question. Knowing how to incorporate solar lights in your home without ruining the aesthetics brings the whole solar plan together.

Companies like Simple Solar Living have simplified solar technology, making it easy for you to DIY or have professionals install these lights for you indoors or outdoors. There are infinite ways you can use solar power to light your home, but we have randomly selected these four.

They are:

Jack-O-Lantern Solar Lights

l2 4 ways to add solar lighting to your home

Of all the garden light ideas, this is, without doubt, my favorite, and I am sure you would appreciate this sitting on your lawn. In general, the automated nature of solar lights and how they come on randomly when it is dark gives this Jack O Lantern an extra spooky layer to scare trick or treaters.

Rope Lights

This is the most dynamic solar light on the list. You can use them to light up your garden, walkway or decorate your outdoor Christmas tree. Even more appealing than its dynamism is the ease of installation. They are pretty much plug and use, and they are sure to light up whatever space they are used as long as they are in direct sunlight. You can have them in either white or multicolored variants. These rope lights usually come with an average of 40 lights.

Security Lights

Security lights are more than a fancy feature. They are known to deter burglars and, in some cases, call the attention of your neighbors to people or things that are out of place. For this reason, your choice of security lights must be intentional and well thought out. In addition, quality security lights are bright and expected to stay on all night, two qualities they have in common with solar lights, making them the ideal choice.

Stair Lighting

If you have outdoor stairs, especially around a pool or jacuzzi, it could be a disaster waiting to happen if lights are not installed, more so if you have children around. The solution would be to have the stair lights on every night, even when the pool facilities are not being used. Your wallet does not have to suffer for your being security conscious, as doing this would tell on your light bill. The solution is to have the stair lighting solar-powered, this way, everyone is safe, and you don’t break the bank.


Do solar lights need sun or just light?

The solar panels do not need to be exposed to direct sunlight and can use daylight energy to charge the cells. Although direct contact yields the best results, the solar panels can absorb enough energy from diffused light through the clouds to power your garden or pathway lights.

Where should solar lights be placed?

Solar lights can be placed at your discretion and also the layout of your home. However, regardless of where you decide to install your solar lights, you must make no obstructions. Obstructions can be shadows from nearby trees or buildings. Check out these solar-powered light ideas for help placing your solar lights.

Do solar lights get brighter with more sun?

The more sunlight the panels are exposed to, the brighter and longer they shine. To get the most out of your solar lights, they must be exposed to the sun for long hours so they can charge properly.

Why are my new solar lights so dim?

The reason your brand new solar lights are dim could be as a result of poor installation. For example, if the panels are installed in the shade or cannot get enough solar energy, the light produced would be dim. One other reason could be that the panels are dirty. Dust could have accumulated on the surface and is interfering with the charging.

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