As several years pass, you will notice that your home is also getting old. There will be some holes, tears, or scratches on your floors or walls, and some rooms will need repair. Your kitchen, in particular, may be dated – and as the owner, you know how the condition of your home will greatly affect its value. This means that if you plan to sell, there is a huge chance to get a low appraisal value for your property, which will also result in low offers.

If you are currently in this predicament or want to avoid this from happening to you, the best thing to do is to invest in your home, as early as now. Whether you are planning to sell or not, you will still enjoy the convenience and beauty of a remodeled home.

Why kitchens are important

Realtors and appraisers put value in a house by considering if a family would want to live there. They say that first impressions last, hence, there are many homeowners who invest first on their curb and landscape and tend to ignore other aspects of the home. This is true, and landscaping is proven to be high in ROI or return on investment that is great in raising your property’s value.

On the other hand, this does not mean that you can ignore the other aspects of the house. It would be useless if a potential consumer enters the home and sees unmaintained rooms, old appliances, or clogged bathrooms. It doesn’t matter if the exterior of your house is attractive – every part of your home has to be in good condition to attract more offers.

For many people, kitchens are the place that makes a house a home. It is the place they will spend a lot of time, and functionality and equipment are important for them to whip up their recipe. This is why it is crucial to have a kitchen you are proud of. By investing in it, you as the owner can enjoy preparing your meals and if there will come a time that you have to sell your house, you will not regret the return in the long run.

How to boost your kitchen’s value (without emptying your bank account)

For many homeowners, the words “kitchen renovation” in one sentence can be enough to make them sweat. Why? Because it is ridiculously expensive. At least from what they know.

It is not a secret how kitchen renovations could cost hundreds and thousands of dollars. The most minor upgrades we see on TV shows tend to be shocking once we know the price.  But what most homeowners do not know is they don’t have to spend that amount to raise the appraisal value of their kitchen and home.

In fact, you don’t need to own a kitchen that looks like a chef lives in it. If you are the average worker who owns a regular paycheck, no worries: It is entirely possible to boost your property’s price without going broke.

We will share the top methods that are proven and tested to be effective in raising a kitchen’s value below.

Tip #1: Improve your cabinets with style

Refacing your cabinets and hardware is a great (and affordable) way to increase the value of your kitchen. If you are planning to have your cabinets refaced, looking into the material and design you want can make the whole process a more pleasant experience.

Just make sure that your contractor has a portfolio that shows their past projects, as refacing a cabinet needs more skill and experience than one would think.

Tip #2: Make a change with your layout

Another minor remodeling tip that tends to be overlooked is the simple act of changing your kitchen’s layout. This method is not easy to assess, and the benefit it does might not be much, but it costs less for a homeowner to move things around to make way for a bigger space.

Appraisers take a kitchen’s functionality and efficiency to account. If it is easier for you and the next owner to cook and prepare meals due to the rearranging, this approach will be worth it.

Tip #3: Fit in a new sink

Plumbing fixtures are extremely important to a home, which makes toilets, sinks, and baths a guaranteed aspect that can improve your property’s selling price. When it comes to your kitchen, an old rusty sink will not do you any good.

Sinks come in a variety of styles, and before deciding which one you’ll get, make sure that it will fit your kitchen’s theme to maximize the benefits. Nobody wants to have an outdated or bulky sink to hog valuable space.

Tip #4: Invest in shiny countertops

Preparing meals become more convenient when you are working on an area that looks and feels comfortable.

Replacing your countertops with attractive material such as granite can be an easy fix that boosts your kitchen’s appraisal figure.

Bonus tip from our experts:

As a homeowner, increasing your kitchen’s value with the tips above is enough, especially when the budget is tight.

Prioritize the condition of your kitchen comes first, get the minor upgrades, and leave the expensive upgrades such as a new appliance or stove last on your list.

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