Doing the whole ‘apartment living thing’? Got a drab aesthetic you don’t care much for? Spice it up with these apartment decorating ideas!

The relationship between apartment size and apartment rent is inversely proportionate. The states with the highest rent are also those with the smallest average apartment size.

Whether you’re moving into a spacious apartment or a studio, you want to put your stamp on it with your own home decor ideas. So…where do you begin?

Is your apartment aesthetic less than desirable? Are you deciding between different apartment decor themes? Keep reading to learn how to spice up your space with these apartment decorating ideas!

5 Apartment Decorating Ideas You’ll Love 

What’s new in apartment decor? How can you give your space the pizzazz it needs? Let’s take a look at some home decoration tips to give your apartment the style you desire.

  1. Keep Things Light 

No matter what apartment decorating styles you prefer, keep your colors light. Apartments don’t generally have a ton of windows, so using a light color on the walls and the floor will brighten up the place.

If your carpet is dark, put a cream or light beige area rug over it. Add color in the accessories to make things pop!

  1. Go With Curves

Apartments are often boxy. Decorate with curved or round pieces. Get a round dining table or coffee table. Look around for a curvy couch. Using soft edges against the square space creates visual contrast.

  1. Layer Up 

Linens, fabrics, textiles, pillows, blankets…put them all together to create a layered look. Decorative pillows on the bed. Textures on the wall. Soft, knit blanket on the sofa.

Add window treatments over your blinds to give the room a finished look.

Layering can hide some unsightly things in the apartment like pipes on the wall or stains on the carpet. It also works with any type of decor style.

  1. Make an Inviting Entryway

Even if your apartment is small, you can make an inviting entryway. Use a small accent table or cabinet to drop your keys and wallet. Add a mirror for one last look before you go out the door. If you have space, add a basket for an umbrella or your shoes.

Decorative wall hooks are useful for jackets, backpacks, or purses.

  1. Don’t Be Afraid to Be Eclectic 

It’s likely that you’ve lived in a couple of different places and have collected treasures along the way. Instead of starting over every time you end up in a new place, try to put what you have together for an eclectic style.

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Putting Apartment Decor Ideas in Place

Now that you’ve learned some apartment decorating ideas, which ones will you put in place to make your apartment ‘home sweet home’?

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