Living in a studio can be tremendous. With a studio, you generally get fewer utility costs, and space is even more affordable than other rentals. However, you must be creative with how you want your studio to be. Numerous designs could fit your style, and you can never run out of options. As you stock up your studio, you may want to include some appliances that will suit your design. Let’s look at some of the appliances that are a must-have.

A food processor

When thinking of which appliances to put in your studio, a food processor should top your list. Food processors are magical tools that you can use every day. Rather than having multiple appliances for use in your studio, a food processor will do the most. Not only can a food processor puree your sauces and make hummus, but this magical tool can also shred blocks of cheese, thus saving you the time you would have done it using a grater. The processor will also cut through nuts to whip you some good nut butter.

If you are worried about cleaning this appliance, worry no more. A food processor is easy to clean. You only need to take it apart and throw it into your dishwasher. The most significant advantage of having a food processor in your studio is that it takes the place of about six different tools. As mentioned earlier, it works like a cheese grater, a sharp knife that will cut through anything, blender, whisk, cut pastry, and press garlic. When you are making food, you no longer have to use all your dishes to make different recipes. A food processor will do all that for you.

You will also love the speed of a food processor, especially when compared to blenders. If you are preparing meals in bulk, the food processor will save you a lot of time. With a food processor, your studio will look less busy as you will not have to buy many appliances for different tasks

An electric kettle

The next appliance is an electric kettle. It is convenient because it will save you time and make your work easier. Traditionally, people used pans to boil water which can be very time-consuming while also exposing you to getting burnt. If you have an electric kettle, you do not need to boil water every time you need it or when you want to make a cup of tea. You only need to place your kettle in a convenient place and make your favorite beverage in a short time.

Electric kettles also save electricity bills, and they are more energy-efficient than electric stoves. If you purchase an electric kettle with a high wattage, your water will heat up faster than when using an electric stove. Ultimately, you save your electricity bills by a certain amount. An electric kettle is also safe than stovetops because it contains an auto shut-off feature. Therefore, when you are busy in your studio doing other things and forget to turn it off, you don’t have to worry about bubbling, spillage, and overboiling out of our kettle’s top.
Additionally, the kettle will save you from being exposed to open flames on the gas burners. On top of that, the kettle will take you less time to boil water, especially during winter when water may take longer to boil. Finally, having an electric kettle in your studio will reduce the bulkiness of having an electric stove which may take up a lot of space.

Premium coffee machines

Many people love starting their day with a cup of coffee to help get rid of the fatigue of the previous day. Coffee also provides you with the sufficient energy you will need to through the day. If you are a passionate coffee drinker, you will need a coffee machine in your studio to save you money and time. Caffeine is a potent stimulant that will improve productivity as you work, especially when at the studio. As the day progresses, you may undergo a decline in mental abilities causing you to feel sleepy. To increase your productivity in the afternoons, you need to have your cup of coffee ready.

Caffeine is also full of antioxidants that can help boost your health while lessening the risk of illnesses such as diabetes. A well-brewed cup of coffee will give you instant satisfaction, and as you take time to make the coffee, you will get more time to relax and take the much-needed break to stretch if you were working from your studio. Apart from keeping you healthy, a good cup of coffee is good for improving metabolic activity. Coffee without sugar has been shown to increase metabolism even when you are seated, maintaining healthy body weight. Getting a good coffee machine for your studio will give you these benefits and more. Such interior improvements are super popular in Europe, especially in Germany & Poland. For example, has the best deals for those markets. For US you can find one on Amazon.

Mini fridge

How much space do you have to accommodate a fridge in your studio? If the room is small, you can get a suitable mini-fridge, depending on your studio’s layout and design. Some mini-fridges are short in stature but have a relatively large amount of space to store your items. As long as the fridge contains a vegetable compartment, enough door space for your water needs, and shelves to place your food, it should fulfill your studio’s basic cooling needs and suit your design. With a mini-fridge, you will not have to worry about spoilt food or warm drinks. You can always have what you want, even when using smaller appliances.

A vacuum cleaner

You will need to keep your studio clean and tidy to avoid rodent invasion. With a vacuum cleaner, you can have your space clean in a matter of minutes. There are numerous brands of vacuum cleaners in the market; you can choose one that complements your need and goes with the aesthetics and design of your studio. For instance, if you have a black color, you can get a vacuum cleaner in the same color or complements the black.


A studio needs all the right equipment to make it comfortable. If you have the right appliance, you will save a lot of money and time. With these appliances we have named above, you can maximize your space and take advantage of many modern living perks. Since we have covered the essential items, you may want to add others based on your needs. As long as you save space and some time, you rate good to go.

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