Bathrooms are one of the most important places in the house that many homeowners want to remodel. And many interior designs are coming up daily so you may want to be part of the current bathroom trends. This calls for remodeling your current bathroom and gives it a great new look. Remodeling your bathroom is usually cheap because the bathroom space tends to be smaller than other spaces of your home. So, this article brings you tips to guide and help you make the most out of your old bathroom space.

Here are 5 best bathroom remodeling tips you need to know:

  1. Look for Extra Room

If you have a tiny bathroom, you’ll have to check and see how you can create extra space to fit the new bathroom design. You can change the positions of medicine cabinets, soap dishes, toilet holders, and others. Moreover, you can flatten your ceiling light. This is by converting it to recessed light.

  1. Check Your Bathroom Ventilation

Your bathroom has to be well ventilated to achieve a fresh atmosphere in it. It can either be a well-sized window or you can have a bathroom exhaust fan. This is key to giving your new bathroom a fresh and attractive atmosphere.

  1. Choose the Right Flooring

You have to be in a position of choosing the right floor for your new bathroom. Moreover, solid wood floors can infuse your bathroom with great character but it isn’t the best flooring material type. You must pick a flooring type that is hard enough to manage your daily bathroom use. And the experts at Hickory Group can help you pick the flooring that will stand the test of time while still looking great. The good news is that the favorite bathroom flooring includes luxury vinyl plank, sheet vinyl flooring, ceramic tile, vinyl tiles, and porcelain tile. You can choose any from these.

  1. Adjust Your Bathroom Size with Color

If you want to make your small bathroom appear bigger, ensure that the light or white color spectrum is your chosen color palette. Wondering why? Because dark colors make your bathroom feel smaller and claustrophobic. So, it’s better to use white-colored fixtures like the toilet and bathtub for your new bathroom. Furthermore, you also have to paint your bathroom ceiling white as it shrinks your space down even more.

  1. Take Caution with The Lighting System

Your bathroom’s lighting system matters. In fact, in situations where the users have to inspect their faces and hair visually. The light needs to be dim and concentrated in one spot which is the ceiling. You can also add lights around your bathroom mirror but blinding light isn’t needed. Best of all, you can add a dimmer switch to your new bathroom and it’s great for your late-night relaxing baths.

Successfully Remodel Your Bathroom

The above tips can help you to successfully remodel your bathroom and give it a great new look. However, the good news is that with the help of a team of experts at Hickory Group, the process can be made much easier and quicker.