Wood and concrete are the immediate choices for both residential and commercial buildings. However, metal has become more prevalent, too. Metal buildings have become more popular because of their endless benefits, whether you’re building metal storage facilities, garages, commercial retail spaces, or tenant houses.

Metal buildings are not only durable and fire-resistant but are also highly customizable. That means you can add a personal touch and features to suit your specific needs, and keep it from looking like an old barn. You can hire professionals to customize your metal building for you, or choose the designs yourself. This article outlines the best ways to customize your metal building to look different and unique. Take a look!

  1. Dress The Exterior

Standard sturdy steel exterior panels are the best for many agricultural, industrial, commercial, and storage buildings as they are affordable and practical. However, in other buildings, managers may prefer a traditional exterior. In such cases, any exterior finish can be used to customize the metal building.

These finishes include concrete block, brick, glass, wood, stucco, fiber cement board, faux rock and stone panels, cool-coated and steel panels, and an exterior insulation finish system. You can choose any of the finishes listed and use them either alone or as a combination to develop a more upscale exterior.

To further improve the curb appeal of your industrial or commercial steel building, you can incorporate wainscoting. Wainscoting provides contrasting texture or color to the bottom of exterior walls. If you’re looking for experts to dress up your exterior, you may want to visit for customized metal buildings.

  1. Use Pops Of Colors

Adding colors is one of the easiest ways to make your metal building unique and outstanding. The advantage of colors is that they’re limitless, but what you will adopt will depend on the building’s use. You can paint the building with your brand’s color theme. If you want to be bold, you can settle for a cool blue, bright red, or emerald green. If you need something subtle, go for black or classic white.

AdobeStock_43677931 5 Best Ways To Customize A Metal Building

While the standard steel color gives a great look, there is no need to stick with this bare and sometimes boring gray look. Customizing your metal building with colors makes it unique and special regardless of the color you choose.

  1. Customize The Roofline

A simple, low-pitched gable roof is the ideal roofing strategy for metal buildings. However, that’s not the only roofing design for a metal building. Various modifications to your roof will dramatically change the look of your metal building.

They include increasing the slope or pitch of the roofline, adopting a hip roof rather than a gable roof, adding eave extensions from 3 to 10 inches deep, incorporating a self-supporting canopy of 3 to 11 inches deep, or selecting a vertical or sloped fascia.

Additionally, roof customization designs like overhangs and awnings can add visual interest and dimension to your building. You can extend the awning to provide shade to your outdoor patio.

  1. Style Your Windows And Doors

When customizing your metal building, doors and windows are often overlooked. Styling your windows and doors can display a unique style in your metal building. Styling your windows will not only allow adequate light into the building but adds to your curb appeal, too. Your windows can be customized to match your metal building by designing them with the right size, shape, and color.

Doors also have a strong impact because it is what visitors see first. There are numerous door options to choose from, but you can always choose to customize your own. The door options include wood doors, barn doors, metal walk doors, French doors, sliding doors, double doors, overhead doors, and embellished doors.

  1. Change The Building Profile

You don’t have to settle with the basic rectangular shape of your metal building. You can add some frames to pop out the main structure. These customizations fit well along the end walls or sidewalls. The frames add to your structural appeal and make good drop-off points, especially in churches, customer lobbies in automotive repair shops, or manufacturing plant offices, among others.

You can also add some square footing to your metal building by connecting smaller metal building frames. Doing the opposite also creates visual interest. Retroceding an exterior under the roof helps break the monotony of the rectangular shape structure. Instead of fixing the wall at the last steel frame, it’s fixed further back under the roof.


Your metal building doesn’t have to look like an old barn. The above tips can help you customize your metal building into a desirable building that meets your needs. If you’re still unsure how to go about it, don’t worry as help can be acquired from the experts in your area.

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