Whether you’re interested in interior design or looking for renovation tips, you want your next project to go as smoothly as possible. Keep reading to discover five common home renovation mistakes and how to avoid them.

  1. Setting an Unrealistic Budget

Image via Flickr by Got Credit

The top home improvement mistake is under-budgeting. From unexpected problems like the discovery of mold behind your shower surround to an increase in material prices, having a little padding in the budget could be the means to a successful endeavor and a beautiful result.

To allow for enough wiggle room, calculate your budget, then add another 20 percent. This cushion will give you peace of mind, knowing that you can handle whatever your home throws at you.

  1. Wearing the Wrong Attire 

Often forgotten, what you wear on the renovation is vital. Have chemical-resistant gloves, coveralls and protective clothing, and goggles on hand when working with hazardous chemicals like paint thinner and spray-in insulations.

Never wear dangling jewelry like necklaces or earrings, and always protect your toes with proper footwear. Avoid injuries and don your work boots. They’re the best choice when your home turns into a construction area. Leather boots protect your feet from nails, glass, and other hazards that sneakers can’t.

  1. Selecting Trendy Designs

Your home is probably one of your most valuable assets, and any renovations you make must be a sound investment in its long-term value. Choose designs that will endure, as opposed to trendy touches. While it may seem chic now, so did orange shag carpeting in 1974.

  1. Failing to Account for Waste

One of the biggest mistakes new DIY-ers make is not accounting for waste. Plan for material shortages on every project, like paint and flooring. By purchasing a few extra yards, you’re protected when Murphy’s Law kicks in, and you cut three pieces short by mistake or spill half of your last gallon of Sherwin Williams.

It’s not always a guarantee that you can purchase extra materials when you need them in the future. It may also be impossible to match colors, as each batch comes from the factory a slightly different shade based on how it was mixed that particular day.

  1. Paying Too Much

Just like under budgeting can sidetrack even the smallest DIY project, so can overspending. Building materials aren’t cheap, and to get the best bang for your buck, shop around. Look for the clearance vanity for your bathroom reno or that piece of remnant carpet for the kid’s room.

With a variety of ways to save, you’ll extend your project budget, and who knows? You might save enough to get an unexpected set of kitchen counters out of the deal.

While following design trends isn’t recommended, do follow today’s trend of upcycling. Shop your local thrift store for vintage lighting fixtures or tools like drills and circular saws for budget prices.

With so many potential pitfalls, knowing what not to do on your next remodel will help make the whole project go much smoother. Avoid common mistakes on your upcoming renovation with these tips.