Living in a house with access to your own green area, no matter how small, is a blessing. To be able to get back into the arms of nature after a long tiresome day among the hustle and bustle of the city cannot be underestimated. However, if you are not yet sure how to best utilize your mini garden leaving it unkempt and messy, this can leave you feeling overwhelmed or even be a source of nuisance for all of us anxious people out there.

 But worry not; here are five creative ideas for you to make the most of your garden space:

Create a secluded haven

Clear the clutter out of your backyard and seek help from landscaping experts if it is not something you are interested in, have them design a layout for your garden dedicating spaces to pretty flowers and a calming water fountain to create a space where you can spend fun summer weekends with your loved ones. Big cities blessed with sunny weather like most Australian cities, are sure to have many gardening companies to choose from. So, in order to maintain the beauty of your new garden, make sure you keep your lawn freshly mowed and looking immaculate at all times. If you live around Brisbane looking for lawn mowing services, try to find a company which can also cater for all of your gardening needs. It makes things easier for you as you don’t have to look for another one for services that they may not offer.

Having someone professionally, and extensively care for your garden will prove cost-worthy in the long-run. Especially, after finding yourself spending most of your time at home, out in your garden reveling in its beauty.

Plant your own produce

If you are passionate about healthy eating and can’t shake off the guilt you feel for buying expensive organic food that eats up a bulk of your monthly income; utilize that small garden you have in front of your house and prepare it to plant your favorite fruits and vegetables. Chat with your local farmers and educate yourself about crop options you can choose from and how to best go around taking on this new hobby. Add your personal signature touch by curating a selection of home-grown flowers or plants to take on visits to your friends and family, such an impressive gesture will never go unnoticed. Later on, when you get the hang of it, you can even start selling your crop at your neighborhood’s farmers market and enjoy that extra income you make.

Rent it out

If the size of your garden allows, assign a good part of it for rentals for birthday parties and baby showers. This is more feasible if it is a vacation house that you get to visit seasonally, so, why not invest some money into preparing  and furnishing your garden for interested neighboring renters during your off-seasons. This will also encourage you to take better care of your garden and carry out all needed maintenance in time so as to keep ready for when you bring friends and family over for a stay.

Start an outdoors book club

Use your garden to enjoy your reading hobby with other like-minded people. If it is something that you have always been interested in but was constantly worried about having strangers at your home or you being in theirs, a garden is the perfect in-between setup to solve this issue. Not to mention, how magical can it be to discuss important books and big ideas with other fellow readers. You can agree with the club members to take turns in bringing over some snacks and drinks so as not to turn into a burden for you as the host.

Give outdoor yoga sessions

women-performing-yoga-on-green-grass-near-trees-1472887 5 Creative Ideas to Make the Most of Your Garden Space

If you are a yoga teacher but worried about the huge expenses of opening up your own studio, furnish your garden with the needed equipment and use it as your practice and teaching space. Even if you are not a teacher yourself, make a deal with your favorite instructor to give weekly sessions to you and your friends and neighbors from the comfort of your own Zen garden. Make the place welcoming by placing some aromatic candles around the garden; you can also use some speakers to play relaxing music in the background for a meditative experience to your students or guests.

Think of your garden as an extension to your house space, only much more attractive and accommodating to your rather creative endeavors. Whether your aim is to make some extra cash or simply have a relaxing spot where you can chill after a draining work week, you will surely find the answer in your garden.