The bedroom is more than just a place to sleep. It’s your personal escape for quiet time. This is where, after a long day of stress, you can finally put your feet up, relax, and be yourself.

For others, the bedroom also doubles as an office, a place to watch TV, or simply a space where you’ll enjoy some quality time to snuggle with your pets or kids. All those mean one thing: homeowners spend a lot more time in their bedrooms than in any other area of their home.

With that, it’s just right to aim for a sleek and stylish bedroom. Amidst all the things you do in it, it’s not surprising how your bedroom can easily become cluttered and uninspiring. You add a chair here, add a desk there, and now cohesion has been lost. If that’s the case, it’s time to make a change, whereby your bedroom is now a mirror of your style and is just as well-thought-of as all the other areas in your home.

Straight ahead, you’ll come across some of the best bedroom design ideas, so you’ll know how to create a sleek and stylish bedroom.

  1. Install Custom-Made Closets

While there are so many well-made and well-designed ready-made closets across various furniture shops, still nothing beats custom closets. As its name suggests, those closets are designed according to your style, fit or size, and function specifications.

Opting for custom-made closets ensures your closet won’t stick out awkwardly from the rest of your bedroom’s design. Whatever your design concept is, you can have the best closet to fit your needs. They’re sure to be as sleek and stylish as you want them to be for as long as you also choose to work with a top-notch closet designer.

  1. Choose Wall Sconces For Lighting

Pin and cove lights are tried-and-tested options for elegant ceiling lighting ideas. But because what you want to achieve is a sleek and modern bedroom, you have to go deeper than that when it comes to your lighting. Usually, floor and table lamps are explored as the first options. There’s nothing wrong with those, as there are certainly so many designs now to choose from. The only problem is they may take up more space.

With that, a better alternative instead is to try out wall sconces. These aren’t always the first choice for bedrooms, making them a unique one to have on your bedroom walls.

Apart from being functional for literally lighting up your bedroom, they also serve an aesthetic purpose as a stylish element on your walls. They’re also a sleeker choice, making a room look less cluttered now that all your lighting elements are securely fastened on the walls and ceilings.

  1. Keep It Quiet

Did you know that there are design elements that can contribute to turning your room into a quieter space? The bedroom should be a quiet sanctuary where you can feel calm and peaceful. Design your room in such a way that you’re able to block out all the noise coming from the outside.

Undergoing a major bedroom soundproofing renovation is believed to be always the best remedy. But, if this is too expensive, you can opt for other ideas, such as using thick curtains all over your bedroom. Rugs and carpets can do most of the heavy lifting for the floor, and headboards help when you’re by your bed.

  1. Focus On Neutral Colors

To have a sleek and stylish bedroom, you must be intentional with your color scheme. You’ll want to avoid having too many things, especially the color. Focusing on neutral colors helps achieve a minimalist and clean vibe for your bedroom, both of which are representative of what a sleek design is all about.

Neutral colors can either be monochromes or earth tones. If you want a pop of color, keep it muted, avoiding overly bright and loud colors. For example, shades of blue against neutral earth tones can still give you a stylish room without looking too busy.

  1. Bring The Outdoors In

A stylish bedroom is a well-decorated space. Nevertheless, you have to be careful not to cross the line between what’s still acceptable as sleek and minimal and one that’s too much. This means being selective with all your decorative pieces. If you can have only a few, at least prioritize plants.

You can have real plants for as long as they’re placed in windows where they can still have air and sunlight during the day. If this is impossible, faux plants will do just the trick. They’re still as beautiful as real plants are, only that the latter reigns supreme in how it can also purify the air in your bedroom.


AdobeStock_283199895 5 Design Ideas To Achieve A Sleek And Stylish Bedroom

Designing your bedroom seems like something simple enough to do. After all, you already know what you want to have in your room. So, what else is there to complicate things with? Well, the truth is that even those homeowners with a bit of style prowess will still find it challenging to have a sleek and stylish bedroom. This shouldn’t be an afterthought, considering that the bedroom is also where you spend much of your resting time. Take inspiration from the design ideas above so that the bedroom you’ve long dreamed of will finally come to life.

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