Saving money is a great thing when you are looking at upgrading your home – it doesn’t matter if you are in the middle of renovations or you simply are looking for a new look; there is something about saving money and doing things for yourself that just oozes accomplished feelings.

With that said, you are in the middle of renovating or revamping your bathroom but you realize that you could really use some more storage because bathrooms always need more storage options. However, the price of vanities and storage cabinets have skyrocketed in recent years so when you aren’t in the position to purchase one; why not make your own? That’s right – DIY bathroom vanities are easily constructed when you use the right instructions and guidelines. That is what we are going to look at today – five DIY bathroom vanity ideas that you can try at home with your own two hands.

Let’s Dive In!

These vanities are ideal for those with smaller and narrow bathrooms that don’t have the same floor and wall space of a typical bathroom. You don’t want to skimp on comfort and style because you are lacking in space right?

1) Upcycled Dresser

Tutorial-for-turning-a-dresser-into-a-bathroom-vanity 5 DIY Bathroom Vanity Ideas and Options You Can Try

If you have an old dresser lying around that you just can’t seem to find the use for and you are about to sell it or bring it to the nearest donation center – stop. You want this dresser because with the right tutorial, you are able to transform it into a bathroom vanity that is unique but provides lots of storage and character for your bathroom.

Ensure that the dresser you chose will fit into the space and it has a big enough surface to comfortably house a sink. You want a basic self-rimming sink to avoid messy plumbing issues and these can be found at your local hardware store.

Follow the instructions for cutting and installing the sink, treat the dresser with a fresh coat (or two) of water-proof varnish, paint the drawers as desired, and voila! You can even customize the remaining drawers (you will lose the top one for the sink) to fit the plumbing and provide compartment storage.

2) Pallet Vanity

Wooden pallets are used for so many projects that don’t involve the storing and transporting of goods. Already designed to withstand a significant amount of weight, you are able to transform wooden pallets into the bathroom vanity of your dreams. You are able to customize the sizing of the vanity (making it ideal for smaller bathrooms) and the open areas are perfect for installing the plumbing needed for a sink – if that is your final goal.

Use recycled wooden pallets, follow the tutorial instructions, and you will find yourself wondering how you will fill the drawers of your new vanity!

3) Old Table

Bathroom-Vanity-1-of-1 5 DIY Bathroom Vanity Ideas and Options You Can Try

Just because a table is an older model and you think that it’s outlived its life in terms of usefulness – you are actually mistaken! An older console table that is made from pure wood is sturdy enough, roomy enough, and unique enough to live a second life as your bathroom vanity.

The table’s surface will provide ample space to install a sink and you can pick up a self-rimming basin bowl sink for a lesser cost at your local hardware store. Refinish the table in the color choice you want but ensure that the paint is water-proof, rust-proof, and provides a finish that seals in the color but repels water. A solid furniture and plumbing paint is your best bet.

With the right power tools, gumption, and effort – that old console table is suddenly the most talked about piece of decor in your bathroom by family and friends.

4) From Scratch

Lavender-master-bathroom-makeover-Thrift-Diving-9533-1-1 5 DIY Bathroom Vanity Ideas and Options You Can Try

Using the existing vanity in your bathroom mixed with some recycled and repurposed wood, you are able to build a customized bathroom vanity from scratch in the comfort of your own home. Using a generic blueprint for the shape, take apart your old vanity and keep all pieces that are still in solid and dry condition.

Use this wood to build a brand new vanity, stain or paint it to the color of your choosing, and install the sink using the existing plumbing from the previous vanity. You will need power tools for this one including a table saw, drill, and heavy-duty industrial screws for stability.

5) Refacing What You Have

budget-vanity-makeover-17 5 DIY Bathroom Vanity Ideas and Options You Can Try

For those that like their existing vanity in terms of size and you can’t find any faults with it except for the fact that you want a change – then refurbish and reface the vanity that is currently in your bathroom.

All it takes is your imagination, a creative spirit, paint, some new faucets and plumbing hardware, updated handles on the drawers, and time to turn your imagination into your latest creation.


Bathrooms tend to lack storage and they tend to need storage due to the sheer volume of items that must be kept within reach. You are talking bathroom towels, hand towels, facecloths, extra tissues, toilet tissue, toiletries, cleaning supplies, and more. So why not increase your storage levels while at the same time reducing your carbon footprint by making your own DIY bathroom vanity using repurposed and recycled materials?

You save money, you increase your storage, and you get to try your hand at a new skill – sounds like everything to gain without losing, right!

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