Paint by numbers projects are great ways for individuals to develop their creativity and their dexterity. They are easy to complete, even by individuals who do not know how to paint or draw. You can find kits of different complexities that are designed for various ages. Simpler ones that have a smaller number of colours are more suited for children, while more complex ones are great for adults who have more control over the movements of their hands.

Most kits, such as the ones from PaintingKits, come with numbered paint containers and pre-drawn designs with numbered areas. This makes it relatively easy to complete the painting by matching the numbered areas with the corresponding colours. It is recommended that beginners do not stray from the instructions.

This having been said, some may want to experiment and unleash their full creativity. Depending on the experience level of the painter, it may sometimes be better to only make limited modifications, in order to ensure that the painting will look as good as possible. Here are a few things that can be changed without ruining the design.

Change the colours around

One of the easiest modifications that can be made to almost any kit is to change the colours around. For example, if there are areas where a gradient would work, consider ignoring the instructions and paint areas that are close together with different shades of the same colours. If white paint is included in the kit, you can use it to brighten a few of the other colours that you have on hand.

Invert the colours

Depending on what kind of design is included in the kit, it may be possible to invert the colours. Simply use darker shades where lighter ones should be and vice-versa. This technique tends to work best for mosaic designs or mandalas, especially if there are a lot of alternating colours on the painting.

One important thing to keep in mind, however, is that you should always look at the bigger picture. If you invert the colours of a painting, you will have to also take into account how the final product will look.

For example, it is never a good idea to invert the colours of portraits, landscapes, or any other types of scene, because it would cause them to look unnatural.

Mix the colours

This is often the best way for individuals to express their creativity. Mixing colours is easy, it can be done a little at a time, and it makes it possible to be cautious with the modifications. Always start by making small adjustments to the colours. Try to not change them up too much.

When it comes to art, small changes can go a long way and it is easier to add a bit of black to a colour than it is to brighten it up again

Use other paint that you may have lying around

Whenever it comes to mixing the paint colours, inverting them, or changing them in any other way, you should never feel restricted to what came with the paint by numbers kit. Chances are that when you finish a project, you will still have some paint left. Do not throw it. Instead, store it and use it for future designs.

However, it is important to always make sure that you use the same types of paint. Different sets may include different types of paint. For example, some manufacturers offer products that come with oil paint while others may include acrylics. Mixing them is possible, but should only be attempted by individuals that have experience in blending different types of textures.

Make modifications to the design

Again, this works best for mosaic-type designs and mandalas. Using a pencil, make modifications to the printed design. The easiest way to do this is by dividing pre-drawn areas into smaller sections, changing their shape, enlarging them or adding to the design.

Always use a pencil, preferably one with a higher hardness level because it leaves fewer marks and it is easier to erase from the canvas than softer ones.

As an additional tip, consider using designs that you’ve been completed as inspiration but focus on paintings that have similar themes.

Take all of the ideas presented above with a grain of salt. Each of them can be great if you don’t overdo it. However, some modifications look good on certain designs and you will have to decide which ones you should use on the kit that you’ve purchased.

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