While the shabby chic aesthetic might feel overwrought and overused at this point, a few rustic pieces of furniture in your home can still add a beautiful, cozy touch. A beautifully constructed interior with a warm, welcoming atmosphere that stresses comfort and soft colors balances elegance and sophistication with more modern amenities.

There is definitely an art form to create a thoughtfully composed room, and selecting the individual pieces can be tricky. Here are a few ideas that can keep your home décor feeling stylish and comfortable.

Refine Your Palette

Most modern colors tend to be cooler and on the neutral side; pale gray, light blue, and white dominate. Rustic colors, on the other hand, are a tad brighter and warmer: think orange and green. If you don’t want to go all out in terms of sticking to one side of the color spectrum, then you can try using the more modern hues as a base, while adding the rustic colors as an accent – or vice versa. You can choose how you want to approach this by thinking whether you want to start by painting your walls rustic colors, or choosing a coppery orange sofa and keep your walls white.

Beyond Copper Pots

One of the first things people tend to do when they want to make their home a bit more rustic looking is using copper accents in the kitchen. While this is definitely beautiful, you should probably think in broader terms. The texture is an important part of the rustic sensibility, and one of the best ways to bring the countryside charm to your home is by adopting brown wood paneling, crates, burlap trimmings as accents, and so on.


Rustic accents in the form of stainless steel vases, log cabin furniture, or slightly more old-fashioned light fixtures can make a huge difference, especially when you’re only trying to complement the modern-themed interiors of your home and aren’t interested in refurbishing the entire look. Mix and match the accents in your home to combine the warmth of rustic pieces with the technological advancements of modern furniture.


For lighting fixtures, try to stick to neutral-colored finishes such as dark brown, gold, or bronze. Old-fashioned styles such as chandeliers or lamps with floral touches would bring a rustic feel easily. And in general, try to use warmer lighting rather than fluorescent type bulbs which would just ruin any attempt at a cozy environment.

Small Touches

Failing all else, investing in smaller things, such as mason jars for vases, or creating light fixtures out of cheese graters – yes, that is a thing! – are simple DIY ways of adding a rustic ambiance to your home without sacrificing cost or style. If you have some downtime, you can also try creating a wreath with dried flowers and acorns, for example.

Finally, you don’t have to go all out and spend a lot of money to redecorate your home. Adding small accents shouldn’t feel like you’re downsizing your dreams of creating a beautiful abode – done right, you can capture the soul of a warm and shabby-chic-type house without paying a ton.