Exposed aggregate is a unique product. It is something that many homeowners aren’t even aware of, and those who are may not be entirely sure how to best incorporate it into their home. This material is unique because it provides a durable solution with an impressively beautiful finish, and it can be used in a variety of different places and design schemes. If you’re looking to add this unique material to your home, here are some ways that you can incorporate it.

Precast Panels

Standard precast concrete panels are somewhat boring on their own. However, when you add exposed aggregate, you will be able to create a much more visually appealing look. Plus, you can even change up the colours and get rid of that basic concrete shade of grey in favour of something more eye-catching. When you choose a colour or design that complements and enhances your curb appeal, you’ll also see an increase in your home’s value.


Exposed aggregate pathway designs are going to add a unique element to your outdoor spaces. Again, you’ll have your choice of colours, and you will be able to choose a variety of designs and finishes, which are applied by concrete and paving professionals. You can use these pathways to create an artistic statement while also offering people a solid yet comfortable surface to walk on.

Granite and Quartz Accents

The versatility of exposed aggregate is truly seen in the fact that you can mix in almost any other material to create the textured finish for which this material is known. For the sake of a design complement that will also stand out and make waves, consider adding quartz or granite to your aggregate to get a shiny, multidimensional finish that can add a great focal point.

Limestone with Aggregate

Limestone is a durable, unique material that is often used on its own as a flooring solution. However, it is also available as part of an exposed aggregate design, giving you the chance to use a unique material that creates its unique finish. As limestone continues to grow in popularity, it’s only going to be a matter of time before it is available in a variety of aggregate materials.

Decorative Pattern Changes

When you want to create a functional space with flooring or surface materials, but you still want to make an impression, this may be a great choice. You can talk to the concrete professionals about how they can create a variety of unique, but somewhat-interlinked designs for your home with exposed aggregate.