If you are relocating to a new house and looking to start afresh, decorating your home can be a great idea. According to every reliable interior decorator in San Francisco, decorating your home, especially the living room, needs you to instill harmony and balance between physical items, such as art and furniture, as well as structural features, like windows and walls.

Although decorating a home, especially for beginners, is challenging, several tips can help you succeed. Some of these tips include:

1. Consider Layering the Lighting

Your home needs to have three major forms of lighting, including accent, task, and ambient. Accent helps highlight artwork, the task is normally found over reading nooks or Kitchen Island, and ambient, in general, provides illumination and comes from the ceiling fixtures.

For living rooms, you must have approximately four watts per square foot. Among the visual tricks you may consider is to use some uplights. You can achieve this by putting canister uplights that may cast a glow.

2. Proportion is Everything

Patterns and bold colors are good to use, though in moderation. Most experts advise that proportion of colors should be pleasant to the eye and right to the color palette.

Be keen not to mix a lot of patterns. Otherwise, those patterns can start competing with one another. Instead, offset patterns with a neutral break so as to create a perfect balance to avoid challenging the eyes.

For instance, in case you have multi-colored and busy pillows, go for more streamlined geometrical rugs in white and black or tones of beige.

3. Get Inspiration

In case you don’t have a wheel handy for colors, one of the steps of choosing the best colors for your interior design is to get inspiration.

Consider starting with what you have in the room already. Look at the flooring, upholstery furnishings, and accessories, such as artwork.

Remember also to explore Houzz, Pinterest, magazines, and other blogs for color inspiration. It can help a lot to ensure the color palette you choose is in line with the entire interior.

4. Research before Buying

Choosing the best paint color begins at home. Consider researching before going to a paint store to get some paper samples.

This may prevent you from grabbing a lot of paint color options during your first trip to your favorite store.

With good research, you will be able to narrow down to the right paint color options and go back to the store for more samples you may try at home.

5. Play with Arrangement and Try Gallery Walls

Gallery walls may add a great effect to your home. Whether you want tight arrangements, which may give your home, a pulled together and organized feel or need an organic and more free-flowing one, consider experimenting with different art pieces to see how it will look.

To make the transfer of gallery wall transfer to the wall a simple task, ensure you trace the frame of every piece with a paper and stick them to your wall using tape.

Concluding Remarks!

Choosing the right décor style can be simple if you have a good plan and know where to start. If it is your first to decorating your home, consider enlisting the help of a good interior designer to handle everything on your behalf.

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