Summer is quickly approaching, and like it or not, the temperatures seem to be increasing every year. Even though some people would love to deny it, there is clear proof that our planet is experiencing global warming.

Even in the United States, some regions experienced extremely hot temperatures last year. So if you live in one of the southern states, chances are that you will have to deal with a hot summer this year.

However, there are several clever ways to make sure that your home interiors stay comfortable and cool no matter how hot it gets outside. We are not talking about cranking up the AC and increasing your power utility bill. Instead, you can apply some of these smart home design ideas that can prove to be a lifesaver on hot days.

Ventilate Your House

If you live in a humid weather area, you should let your home breathe to prevent it from feeling stuffy and uncomfortable. Make sure that you keep your house well ventilated on hot and humid days. Ideally, your home should have an open plan to maximize the amount of airflow in all parts of the house.

However, you may have to make adjustments if you live in an area with extremely hot summers and cold winters. We recommend that you use artificial barriers that can minimize the air movement in winter but can be removed easily on hot summer days. You can check the weather conditions on websites or apps for tomorrow’s forecast so you can alter the arrangement accordingly.

An open floor plan offers optimum air circulation and also makes your house look more modern. You can also create air funnels in your home by opening doors and windows strategically. Try to remove any clutter that can obstruct the airflow inside your house.

Choose Cooling Materials For Home Surfaces

The surface of your floor and walls can contribute a lot to the interior temperatures of your house. For example, wooden floors may look very stylish, but they can also retain a lot of heat, making your home feel warm. The same is applicable for carpets as well.

Even though wood and carpets are ideal for cold weather, they should be avoided in regions with hot summers. Instead, you should choose natural stones such as granite or marble. If that is too expensive for your budget, you can also opt for glazed ceramic or porcelain tiles. Even if you live in a place with cold winters, you can always place carpets on the floor that can be removed in the summer.

Block the Sun Rays Coming Through Your Windows

Early morning sun rays might feel gentle and imbibe you with positivity. However, the afternoon sun rays coming through your window can add a few degrees to the inside temperature. If you have too many windows in your house, the incoming sun rays can turn the interiors into a glasshouse which can feel sultry and suffocating.

So, make sure that you use UV deflecting glass with double glazing to protect yourself from blistering sun rays. Alternatively, you can also use heat-deflecting blinds or curtains to cover your windows. Always choose blinds that are lightweight and made from cooling materials. On the other hand, the curtains should be made of thick and opaque fabric.

Use Light Colors Inside Your Home

Dark colors can provide a classy and moody ambiance for your home interiors. But they can also absorb a lot of heat which can make your house feel like a sauna. So choose light and pale colors that will reflect the maximum amount of light and heat and prevent your home from heating up.

You can also opt for pale pastel colors that are a growing trend these days. Light and pale colors also tend to make your home interiors feel spacious and prevent others from feeling claustrophobic.

Choose some icy-colored themes for your furniture and other interior fittings to match them with the light-colored walls. It may not lower the interior temperature of your house, but it will give you a mental sense of calm and cool.

Use Indoor Plants

Indoor plants are the perfect way to improve the air quality inside your house, as well as keep it cool on hot summer days. Indoor plants are an elegant and stylish solution with several benefits, such as reducing carbon dioxide, removing toxins, and purifying the air inside your house. Make sure that you choose indoor plants that can flush out carbon dioxide and toxins from your house.

Hot summer days can increase your energy bills when you have to crank up the AC to keep your house cool. However, you can use these simple home designing tips to keep your home comfortable without burning a hole in your pocket. If you have any such smart ideas, please let us know so we can include them in a future article.

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