Living in a condo means that you will have to get creative with using your space, but that’s exactly where the fun in designing your new space lies.

Change Up Your Color

Most people tend to choose neutral colors in a condo, but that is not a rule set in stone. You can paint your kitchen a bright, inviting color that is different from any other part of your condo, such as a warm orange or olive green. Another option is to keep the walls neutral and to choose a richly-colored carpet or rug.

Walls generally have neutral colors but that does not mean that you always have to choose white. A light touch of rose can make a room feel warm and intimate, as opposed to darker paint colors. A white that leans more towards a silvery gray gives a sleek, chic look to a room and makes it feel big.

Choose Wall Art From A Local Artist Rather Than A Chain Store

If you haven’t been to a local art show then you may be missing out on amazing one-of-a-kind pieces made by well-known artists in your area. There are very few artists that would be willing to turn down a commission, so if your condo design calls for a uniquely-shaped table, bookshelf, or other piece of furniture, then a local artist may be able to hand-make one for you that you’ll love and that your guests will rave about.

Local art is also more likely to be related to the area where you live. Seascapes or original paintings of major landmarks are beautiful, fresh ways to add art to a modern condo and always fun to show and explain to guests.

Changing of the Seasons

Don’t forget about seasonal pieces. You can switch out the main centerpiece on a coffee table, which is a lot less work and requires a lot less storage, or change the pillowcase covers on your pillows couch pillows during different seasons. By switching up a couple of key pieces, you can keep your condo looking fresh year-round by rotating your decorations.

Grow more

One of the best ways to make your condo feel more spacious is to use indoor plants as decorations. There are many different indoor varieties to choose from, including snake plants, spider plants, and succulents. More specific plant examples include:

  • Pothos
  • Red Aglaonema
  • Bamboo
  • ZZ plant
  • Anthurium
  • Calathea Freddy
  • Parlor Palm

Additionally, house plants have been linked to improved mental health and can improve indoor air quality.

Use Mirrors And Drapes

Spencer Hsu of suggests hanging long drapes over your windows to emphasize their long lines. One popular idea is to use two drapes, one that is semi-transparent and diffuses light, and then a darker or heavier one that can remain open to let sunlight in or be closed for privacy.

Mirrors have been long used to make a space look brighter by reflecting light. In fact, in some of the earliest homes in the United States, the mirror was placed across from the fireplace in order to maximize how much light it could give off. You can use this same technique to carefully place mirrors in dark hallways to brighten them up.

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