Excavators are crucial in almost every part of heavy construction or demolition. Contractors like these heavy machines due to their ability to perform various functions. When you buy an excavator, you have bought a jack of all trades. The excavators have various attachments to do the specific task needed. Let us dive in and find out the top uses of excavators.

  1. Earthmovers

Almost everyone globally knows excavators for their use in earthmoving. The unique bucket attached to the excavator has rough edges that resemble teeth. These teeth-like edges get used to dig and scoop earth. There are earthmoving applications of the excavator, which include:

  • Digging trenches

In any construction, utilities, among other industries, trenches have many uses, and that is where an excavator comes in handy. The trenches dug using the excavators get used to lay the foundation, laying pipes, and installing wires. The excavators get used in farming when trenches need to be dug to plant seeds.

The excavators are efficient. A job that would take hundreds of hours to complete gets done with minimal effort and the shortest time possible. It saves the project owner money and lots of time.

  • Landscape grading:

When landscaping, the excavator prepares the ground. The operator uses the excavator to level the ground before a project gets started. When an excavator is used in construction, the excavator grades the ground where a building gets erected.

When it comes to grading, it helps create space for plants, paths and controlling the flow of water.

  1. Handling of materials

Most of the materials used in construction or other projects are heavy, and human beings cannot lift them. When an operator fixes a clamp to the excavator, the machine transforms into a powerful tool that can lift materials weighing tons.

Some excavator designs have heavy counterweights. It increases the stability of the machine. On the other hand, other excavators have elevated cabs that help in material handling.

  1. Demolitions

When an operator fixes a breaker to the excavator, the machine can perform various tasks. The breakers can emit hundreds of pounds of energy that crumble the concrete, tough materials, and stone. When excavators get used in any demolition site, they provide the workers with safety and security.

Excavator Augers fit on the excavators to help in drilling. This drilling saves a lot of money and time.

  1. Underground excavation and amphibious operations

Excavators are perfect for underground and underwater.

  • Underground

Tunneling is traditionally done by men using picks to go underground. Excavators are massive in size but are perfect for tunneling. Tunneling is where underground passageways are made through digging and removal of part of the ground. A perfect combination of augers and buckets attached to the excavators help in this process.

The augers drill deep into the ground by the use of hydraulic circuits. There are compact models of the excavators used in this endeavor due to the limited space underground. This underground undertaking is fast, doing a job that took months, just a few days to complete.

  • Amphibious operations

There are excavators designed to operate underwater. These excavators are essential when you need to work underwater where you cannot deploy human labor. The machines are fitted with arms and roller chains, which enable the operator to navigate with ease underwater.

  1. Forestry and debris removal of debris

Excavators are useful in forestry and the removal of debris.

  • Forestry

When used in forestry operations, the excavators are very effective in creating access routes to remote sites. There are remote sites that vehicles cannot access due to the terrain or the plantation growth. The excavators are fitted with mulchers and shears, among other options used to manage trees and greenery.

  • Debris

After all the work is done, the excavator is fitted with a bucket or clamps to remove any debris that is not needed. There are various sizes and types of excavators used to maneuver easily in debris removal.

Final thought

Excavators are very useful in various aspects of construction. They save the contractor millions of dollars by reducing human labor and reducing accidents. The weight the excavators carry is also an essential factor to consider in that it takes hundreds of people to carry the same weight.

When you have an excavator, you cut the project’s cost by more than half.

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